Blanka: Dear Capcom, WTF?



Hello fellow Blanka players, I just noticed an important detail in the differences from the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of SF4 for all the Blanka players myself. A big part of my game of Blanka is knockdowns and mixing up another knockdown upon the opponent’s wakeup. It is a very crucial factor for Blanka players to be able to do this to gain an edge.

A few of the things you should be doing upon enemy wakeup can be these:

Surprise Forward hop to the other side of them once or twice and do a Bite.

Stay medium distance and slide under a fireball they throw upon wakeup.

To make this short, last but not least, a Roundhouse Rainbow Roll.

I usually perform the Bite, get the knockdown, charge down and back in place, and reveal the Rainbow Roll as they get up and I get it pretty well because the Rainbow Roll goes up and over, and just before it hits them you are on the other side of them, so they are blocking the wrong way.

This happens 100% of the time for me when I am on my Xbox 360, whether online or a local match. However, when I perform this on my PS3 (how lucky can I be having both) it happens about 50% of the time, and I have this perfected. Seriously how hard can it be to do a bite and hide the charge backwards and pull out the rainbow roll. I have tested this in several instances on both consoles and in different situations. The results remain the same, whether I time it for the wakeup, or I just have training mode and bite, wait for complete wakeup, then do the Rainbow Roll, blocking and open. I have come to the conclusion that for this particular move and hit location, the Xbox 360 allows it to become a crossup and you end up on the other side of them and them on the ground. As for the PS3, it is not consistent results for me. Either it hits, or I just land on the other side of them open to eat some damage.

It’s really agonizing having a 4th of your wakeup game slashed out of the picture because it is not reliable. I got my SF4 PS3 copy just a few weeks ago and had been playing SF4 on my Xbox 360 until then, so I learned the ropes on the Xbox. I do love the PS3 so I am sticking with it for SF4 because I find the matchmaking on PSN WAY more of a challenge than those on XBL.

But this difference in gameplay is a major disadvantage to me, and until I get a stick (real soon :D) I have had to stick with shoto’s because I actually have a chance on PSN. But even if I get a stick I may not be much of a Blanka player because of this difference, but I love Blanka and I guess I’ll be a jungle boy too and adapt to my situation.

Well, for those Xbox players that show up to PS3 tournaments, you now have been informed.

Well that’s all for now. Thanks for reading.
No need for faggotry, “hating” or any other bullshit. So you wanna prove me wrong? Show me vids. This is not a debate.


I liked ST Blanka better.

This thread is LOL.

Non EX rainbow roll is terrible.


Who the fuck are you playing? Wake up fireballs? A rainbow ball cross up that actually lands?

There are no differences between PS3 and 360. Your execution just sucks on the PS3 pad, that’s all.


I’ve heard of some PS3 weirdness, just bullshitting about Blanka, with some competent players. I wouldn’t be so quick to poopoo chadd on this (although I gotta agree…wake up fireball? who tf are you playing!!!).


Who am I playing? Randoms.
Wake up fireballs? Comes pre packaged in the "random fb spammers"
Rainbow Roll crossing up? All the time.
Differences between consoles? Shall I even mention load times? How about the graphics? Hm? Any difference there Bub? If you can’t find the differences, you haven’t tried. Oh yes they’re out there.
Execution? Umm? Oh yeah dude I TOTALLY DID THIS: hopped on xbox did the move once, jerked off, booted up the ps3 and did the move, it missed, threw down the controller, punched a baby in the face, and ran crying to my room to complain on the internet. amirite?
Get serious kid.


really hope your not basing said differences on online play…


Tested online and offline. I actually first noticed this when I was playing local against my buddy, who won the SF4 tournament at our gamestop (for all those that insist that I surely must be a noob and all those that play me are noobs), so I guess he’s alright at playing.


yeah you fucking moron

Vids showing graphic comparo side-by-side, negligible difference and those don’t matter anyway. Load times, who gives a fuck, I’m not a meth addict and can wait if I have to. Vids showing speed difference side-by-side, it took almost two minutes for there to be a 1 frame difference, so gameplay wise, they are almost perfectly the same.

Controller difference? Most definitely. A scrub making errors? Most definitely. Blaming the hardware? Sounds like a scrub to me!

Using rainbow ball to hit people? yeah… tournament winning shit right there.


LOL KK go have fun now, ya bum. We don’t need you here any more. UNLESS. You have a video of you doing it on BOTH consoles. Otherwise, get outta here. No really, get outta here. Trolling my informative posts? Sounds like a scrub to meh. Rainbow Roll to hit ppl? Uhh no fucking shit dude its a fucking crossup get over it. Blaming the hardware? Dude, plz, do this for everyone, re-read my orig post. Does it say anything about hardware? Nup, this is software buddy. This is me saying “hi capcom, fix this. and hello fellow video gaming enthusiasts of the street fighter fanbase, I give you detailed tried and true information upon which you shall learn and appreciate. Go on, help yourself. Learn. Evolve.” Error? Sorry bro, executing the move 20+ times on BOTH systems, online and offline isn’t what you may call a step in the scientific method. See: experiments. Tell me if you don’t sound like a scrub right now mang. Back your shit up.




and rainbow roll is easily focus absorbed, punished however anyone feels like…i wouldn’t recommend doing it against anyone decent more than once a match or just EX to get out of the corner


awesome thread.

wake up fb’s? must’ve been a Black dood.

Only us Blacks can achieve such top tier-ness in quarter-circle motions.


Sounds to me like you are playing better players on PS3 than on XBOX. Must be all the x-box scrubs playing on that joke of a controller.


What about all those 360 players who showed up at Evo and didn’t have any problems on the PS3s?

There is not a difference between the two or we would already know about it.


More than one 360 heavy Blanka player came up to me and told me hop into Ultra failed for them on the PS3’s at EVO (I didn’t try it in any of my matches). I’m not sure if it is in everyone’s heads with nerves or if there genuinely is an execution difference. I’m too lazy to hook my PS3 to my crt and test it out.


I’m still inclined to say that’s a nerves issue, as it wasn’t raised as a major issue. It’s been too long since launch for there to have been a difference and not know about it.



Hmmm… Dunno. Its not because a software is released for a long time that automatically all the bugs are found. (or else, Windows would be totally bug free by now!)

However, pad difference may be a factor. Perhaps you should test with a stick on both consoles.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wake up fireballs? you need to get out of G3-E buddy.

Now the video comparison is posted, anything else you wanna blame on?


my friend said he couldnt hop into ultra on my ps3 for shit. timing is diff.


As for getting out of G3-E, I haven’t really had the time to play other than the times my buddy calls me to do private matches on PSN, besides I was working through G2 on xbox and really been busy trying to get a stick. Yes there are differences, if you do not think so then either you aren’t a Blanka player or you’re just not open minded enough to accept this, or just need to learn it yourself. Imagine if a more mainstream “cookie cutter” character had a tiny change in gameplay that wasn’t that blatant, but was there. What would it be like if Ryu’s fireballs were faster on one console and slower on the other? It would cause a huge shitstorm wouldn’t it?


Why wasn’t this issue brought up at Evo then, or any other major tourney for that matter? Is it some kind of conspiracy that you’re the first person to notice this? Check the video I linked to. The only difference between consoles is a tiny tiny frame difference that can only be seen on a high speed camera after nearly a minute has passed.