Blanka Discussion #4: Offensive and Defensive use of Horizontal/Verical/Backstep Rolls

Honestly, forget everything you just posted.
Any decent player will kill you for doing gimmicks.
Learn when to press buttons, how to block, how to safejump, safe setups, overhead stuff, how to safeball etc.
Veserius’ Blanka master guide will help you

No offense bro


Whiff balls and other gimmicks are just bullshit when you know better Blanka with time.

I know how to do these things, except safe ball, that one eludes me, I just enjoy a few back pocket gimmicks. I never intended for that to come across as a game plan, just a goofy little trick progression for longer sets.
sorry to have offended you gentlemen :frowning:

Got a lot better as i forced me not to use ball gimmicks and hop at neutral game.

I would like to talk more about safeballs. I still dont understand how i get punished by cody’s ex slide when using lp-ball on HIT, but i can safeball it on BLOCK!

Same thing happens vs Abel’s U2. You can only safe-ball it on block.

That’s the weird part about balls, Blanka’s balls in SFIV always seems odd and random for me, it needed much more fixes and changes IMO.

A lot of characters have bigger hurtboxes when they are blocking as opposed to being hit, or the oher way around.

This allows specific strings to only be combos, or only be blockstrings, and also allows for safeballs to work in a lot of situations.

When Cody is standblocking his hurtbox extends out to past where his shoulders/elbows are, but when he’s getting hit he reels back causing the impact of ball to be deeper, which causes less pushback obviously.

It is just very annoying when you fight against someone who is very good with the FA and your answer gets punished on hit… Plus you are in the corner and that is no fun vs cody

I like jab xx hop against Cody’s focus.

Jab xx ex elec is good too.

Forward throw walking back a bit to mp ball will land you on the other side of opponent wakeup. You can go to overhead to whatever and the timing isnt that bad. after i do this once or twice Ill l.short to keep them honest or simple block to bait stuff. You can do this off back throw too but I find the timing is more strict.

f.throw and mk rainbow will do the same thing but with time for cross up right away to elec pressure for nice meter gain. not for the intent on hitting but if it does nice ! early uppercuts especially sagat will get you also airthrows.

in the corner a f.throw hk up ball will crossup up at times when u land but its like impossible to tell. And sometimes the opponent thinks it will too haha.

more so than not sometimes its better to block/bait these and punish accordingly cause people panic sometimes when your on them for so long =)

Here’s some ways I use it…

like all matches… your key is to determine the character you’re up against and the anti-Blanka skill level your opponent is… so although this might work for certain players/characters it might not work for others.

Horizontal ball… besides what’s mentioned above…here’s a few more stuff to add…

Although I generally agree what everyone else say… which is not to rely on ball… and if you play against me… despite the fact I seem like i’m strongly support using ball… however… anyone who has played me… might realize… i might not throw any in the entire round or even match… but i like to let the other know I will do it when i see the right opportunity

LP/MP ball is roughly the same speed
HP ball is significantly faster.
EX ball is slightly faster than HP ball…

this stuff imo is fairly useful for the following reasons…

  1. Footsie…
  2. whiff punish…
  3. hitting the opponent’s back/front to finish the match.
  4. punishing moves that usually can interrupt LP/MP ball… but trade/hit with HP/EX ball
  5. corner setups… after a throw… walking back a bit… might throw in some whiff s.LP… and then ball to end up infront or behind opponent for further corner pressure.
  • you should time it so that you can get a either a meaty throw/electricity/normal on landing…
  1. post throw build meter/set up … there’s really too many to list… and the one i like the best Ves… thinks it’s shit…

Rainbow Ball

as mention many times before… you can set up a ‘unblockable’ or hard to block ex rainbow ball… usually i do it on wake up so i get the reversal (armor breaking) effect as well… basically the way i do it… is i aim the ball past their head and pull it back… so that it passes their head again and hit somewhere towards the middle… but more to the front if you understand what i mean…

Different characters have an easier/harder time to block this… It also depends on their distance… if they are about c.HP range… chances are it’s a bit easier for them to block… to me… I find medium/fat size and medium height characters easiest to do (ryu, ken, abel, etc)… while skinny characters… (yun/yang) or extra tall characters (Sagat) I PERSONALLY find it harder to do… but maybe there’s another way to do it.

Regular rainbow ball…

I only use it for the following

  1. post throw setups
  2. charge buffer so i can get a horizontal or another rainbow ball when i land after LK rainbow ball
  3. ending the match for chip damage…
  4. rarely do i use it as a ‘ambiguous’ cross up usually when they don’t have enough life to even focus…

EX Upball is self explanatory… so no need to mention anything

regular upball… I use hop, hop, upball to finish off a match when i feel the tension is high and the opponent is looking out for my horizontal ball to chip him to death… and he’s thinking of jumping back to finish me off…

after certain setups/matchups… i’ll use it as a meaty… espeically if they can’t punish it on block/hit


yeah I also use meaty LK upball against some tall characters like Gief who cannot punish it on block. timming/spacing is tight though

Meaty upball is such a dick move vs. hawk.

it’s pretty decent vs Honda as well if you can manage to knock him down… and cross him up once or twice (basically make sure he can’t do ex/ultra headbutt)… it kills his butt slam as well if he tries… even if it’s EX version.