Blanka elec RC




I would like to know how the Blanka elec RC works without smashing a LP out. I saw it the at the Evo but I dont how they made it!


lp,mp,hp, roll, mp, hp. It’s really easy if you do it like this:piano first 3 punches, then piano again and this time press roll. Pretty soon muscle memory will take over.


thats my problem, i cant drum lp,mp,hp i always drum over hp,mp,lp :(* and my thumb wont go with my index finger… =/

however on the RC elec vid thats around on the net, i think i see the guy drum over, then he does roll, mp.hp or something, he goes left, right, left, right, really freaky and hard imo


the easiest way is to hop into it.

btw, if you do: lp,mp,hp,roll,mp,hp you will get mp electricity.

just dash -> hp,mp,mp,roll,hp (great after a knock down)


This may sound a little corney but any way i found that doing the Piano method slow and with one hand will help you get the hang of it. I go to the training mode and get a shoto to throw FB at me and continue to practice it slow at first. Druming on the buttons will only prolong the process. now i can get a RC Electricity off like a charm. I like your method also Lo1/2 i never tried it out after his hop jump.

I tell you what many ppl claim that RC electricity is hard try doing his hop jump into his super. The motion for that is damn hard. any help on the real motion would be most helpful.


hop super motions is:

charge b, neutral + kk, f, b, f before you land, punch when you land.

There are two key parts, one is to do the hop in the neutral position, if you held forward while you hop, you won’t land the super.

The second is to do the f, b, f motion slow enough that you finish it RIGHT BEFORE you from the hop.

It’s all a matter of practice, once you get the timing down, you can do hop electric super, and cross up hop (any) super


the way I do RC elec is HP,MP,LP roll and finish with HP…I find that way real easy…hope it helps…


Thanks for the information. I think i was hitting forward and KK at the same time instead of leaving the stick in neutral. So ill practice a little more until i can get it off 100%