Blanka Evo Thread



so who all is heading to evo? who do we have to represent the beast…and later we can post our pools and all that good stuff


im not a mike ross fan but he’s the best american blanka player I know, so go mike ross!!

last year did any blankas advance at all?


if I go, you best believe I will fuck shit up



I will be there.


last year a few made it out of pools i did, and i saw like 2 others


You haven’t seen many Blanka players in the US if you think Mike Ross is the best.


I was upset to not see on Evo stream some Veserius fights.
He did well in losers and I can’t imagine how was your match against masarap (very tough until the end)
We could just watch 3 Blanka matchs which I record (Chocoblanka , Woolie and onielsky)




Iperu and Veloc1raptor are so smart with Fuerte and Gouken that was pleasure


i would not discount mike at all. His spacing and his foots are probably top 3 for a charge character in the usa. (PR Rog is probably #1). While he doesn’t have the same understanding with the character as say Ves he will beat players purely on his ability to space and control space. I’m not saying he’s the best blanka but he could be if he really wanted to.


Damn… So many uppercuts by Daigo lol…