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I suspect Hop will have some kind of followup feature to make it “properly” build V. Might be too similar to Laura on paper, though…

My hope is that Rainbow Ball EX becomes the throwback move to HF Vertical Roll. SFIV’s version was a blast but it drove people crazy.


That would piss me off to no end. I actually agreed to that change for Vega because it made his moves easier to link and fits his attack style. Blanka is supposed to be trickier!

Well said brother.
Welcome to the Blanka Nation LOL!!


I hope Capcom will restore Blanka’s personality to how he was in the SF2 days. Serious, feralistic, mean and not the goof ball they made him out to be from SFA3 and on.


There is a close to 0 chance of this being true but I hope you’re right.


I think the s

Me too but that distinction pretty much goes to Necalli now. I would love for them to go back to basics with that.


yes yesss yeesssssss


Yeah my brother reminded me that in the SFIV story they made him friends with Sakura and he’s also running around with Sak in the trailer. Unless they make both characters fit a very serious role, I’m expecting full goofball. No Dan will help the issue at least.


Goofball or beast, you’ll be a fan regardless. Everybody loves Blanka. Once he is released you’ll drop Ibuki faster than Frotzey drops his mains.


SFxT Blanka is actually a very good character. He has one of the best normals in the game(far jab) which is hit confirmable into a chain. He has good incoming damage from a tag or chain himself, especially in the corner. His Cross Art has gigantic range(can hit some characters jumping forward from full screen), and is very fast. He has a lot of safe tag out options. Ex electricity is strike invul for like 25 frames and +8 on block. His electricity pressure does a good amount of damage(3 reps is 10% life). He has a block infinite which is a 2f link to do. He sort of demolishes any character attempting to throw projectiles. He has a bunch of airborne options which let him avoid different kinds of pressure. He has a good mobility overall.

His anti air is a little sketchy, but upball trades a lot and he can combo off the trade. His solo damage isn’t great however, but cl.hp being special cancelable helps with confirming.

like this is not the sequence of a weak character


I’m really hoping for a Command Throw to sneak its way into his Move list.
Something like Fei Long’s Tenshin to set the enemy up for combos and add to the mindgames. I know this is a bad time for a CT with the universal slower recovery coming but it’ll be a great addition to his arsenal.


May have to try SF5 when Blanka comes out, though I will be so behind the curve. I’m guessing balls will be punishable on hit with whatever the SF5 equivalent of an Ultra is…




anyone the costume thats gonna be available that’s some top tier troll shiz right there muahahahhahaah


capcom needs to give him some kind of gimmick projectile
like a banana lol


“Wo! Ow! Wowooooow! Woooowow Wow! (Jimmy says, “Wowooooow!”)”

Blanka rules man. I can’t wait for his reintroduction.


Blanka’s coming up soon so we’re going to see how CAPCOM does its best to reinvent the Beast. I’m expecting the Balrog treatment,so he won’t retain much of his original Normals in leiu of some new,stubbier ones for the Neutral game and new tools to evade fireball set ups.


I’m expecting something to the tune of Zangief: a back-to-basics, less-is-more approach to start. I keep hoping for a Blanka more akin to Hyper Fighting. Turning EX Backstep Roll into the OG buzzsaw would be cool.

Making his V-Skill the electricity would be an unusual but interesting decision.


I really hope they will show him at EVO Japan. Such a big tournament would be the perfect stage to reveal Street Fighter’s most iconic and beloved character.


That would be cool but considering CAPCOM’s track record,i’m expecting a mid to late February release!

LOL! Cleverly laced with sarcasm there!

I’m looking forward to a Classic SF2 Brazil stage and a hype remix of his Original Theme. Exciting times boys!!!


Super excited, hope he has FAST normals.