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might play sf5

hope he still got the POWER OF DA WILD


Wait…wait…wait…did he just stuff the Amazon River Run with Thunder?? Hope that @##$% doesn’t come over in SFV.


They will not make CVS2 one…


blanka was a pain to deal with for me back in sf4 and I can guess its still gonna be same. Glad for all blanka players tho.


Haven’t been this anxious for a character reveal for a longggg time.

Probably not but if they retain they same range and hit box info for the Amazon River run,that filth can happen again.


The thing that annoyed me about River Run in IV was the stray hurtbox on startup. You got smacked during the first couple of frames even though the animation was nowhere near the opponent’s hitbox.


I don’t mind if they totally change Blanka in SFV, as long as Blanka vs. Boxer is a 5-5 matchup or better. Every game Blanka is in, he’s free vs. Boxer. Please make it stop. :expressionless:


Will be interesting if he gets the Vega treatment and is no longer a charge character…

After the disappointment that is Sakura my fear is they play it too safe with Blanka. I think coming into the game brand new with two v-triggers isn’t necessarily a good thing. Capcom was too cautious with Sakura, both her v-triggers are underwhelming and I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the season 3 cast get the same treatment.


Wonder how many of the pros are actually going to take Blanka for a spin come release day.


I’m sure like most new characters, every relevant pro is going to mash some buttons with him. Just like how a lot of them went streaming Sakura when she hit. We’ll see if Chris G, HumanBomb or Alex Myers ever actually end up playing her. Kindevu getting top 16 with her is pretty beast especially since the last time I saw him play her was CVS2.

@SNAAAAKE I should have known the green man was gonna make you come out and get some scrubs to take walks.

@The Mullah Probably coming back for some green man too.


So sad that this forum won’t be around when Blanka arrives :frowning:


HM why?


Forums been saved. You can continue the plan to flood the blanka page with tech.


As for Blanka

V-Trigger: Shout of Earth similar SF4 Ultra2 and has anti air properties that staggers/CRUMPLE on ground by enemies.

V-Skill: Electric Thunder

I hope they would turn Blanka’s Electric Thunder able to enhance his Rolling Attack specials.

If they hold VSkill button longer than usual it add/empower Blanka’s Rolling Attack specials with static electric charge that increase the dealt stun gauge damage both blocked or unblocked.

Since nowadays it’s like Capcom isn’t into “Rapid Pushing” of buttons, So they could make it like by holding LP+LK

Unique Abilities

Has the different Jump speeds like KOF’s Hyperjump, Hop and Hyperhop.


I’m ready! Finally playing the game regularly. I’m using Guile to learn the game. Hope we get a Blanka with shenanigans, crossups, mobility, and a color option of white to make him look like Blizzard from Primal Rage. Thunder ROLL!


February 20th


At 36 seconds looks like he has a command grab that beat Sakuras cr. jab


indeed, he has one

“New to Blanka’s arsenal is a command grab called Wild Hunt, where he leaps forward and viciously scratches the opponent before throwing them a set distance away from him. This addition to his move set opens up more opportunities for Blanka to be aggressive.”


He looks really good. Not too happy with his CA starting with a slash attack but everything else looks damn solid!!


A c. grab I’m really curious!