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Did you do jab ET? I did fierce and it beat most jumping attacks or at least trade (vs. Akuma).


Well he got d,u+K now for AA


Is there a Blanka discord?


Sakura’s j.HK is one of the best jump buttons in the game and with what I’ve tried against that, you’re only going to get trades at best when she’s active. Just gonna have to hope you have charge and can get a MK/HK upball in time (although they dont start up super fast either). Electricity isn’t really meant for AA anymore.

Things with Blanka so far.

  • Neutral jump HP will be one of his go to AA’s. This has always been good as an air to air based AA since ST. Mainly because it works where he extends his arm without committing to any movement. Can do early neutral jump HP to catch people jumping early like before. The hit box itself doesn’t stuff buttons as well as in other games, but if you use it early can still counter hit people out of jump attack attempts.

  • Whiff punishment is pretty solid with sweep and slide. Sweep is like Karin’s with slightly faster start up (8 frame start up, Karin is 9). If your reactions are good you can catch whiffed c.MK’s and heavier buttons with his sweep pretty easily. Slide can punish heavy buttons on whiff reaction wise and can use it to punish predictable medium footsie attempts. His slide can pretty easily whiff punish Abigail’s s.HP so if he whiffs at anything but an irrelevant range you get a free slide.

  • s.HP CC can easily be hit confirmed into command dash. Very good to catch people being predictable with pokes and confirming into dash and combo if it hits. The s.HP itself is minus 6 on block, so certain characters with fast ranged EX moves like Chun Li you’ll want to use it more as a counter poke/buffer than to force them to block. Against most other characters you can fish for it more easily.

  • Command hop and V Skill allow him to be very mobile on the ground and can easily get into pressure/throw range off one good hop or V Skill.

  • V Skill into HP follow up is a great anti air. Can just go into coward crouch and watch for someone to jump. HP follow up into MK/HK up ball does about 160 - 180 damage and 200+ stun.

  • Landing electricity on hit will be important as it’s basically free oki aftewards and push towards the corner.

  • Combos into LK upball are preferable when you can get them as also great oki after.

  • Don’t see why he should have much problems vs Ryu. V Skill crouch any fireball attempted from a far range and then once you walk in you’re easily within range to slide or sweep any other fireball attempt. Basically once Blanka walks within about half screen he can’t throw fireballs safely anymore. Baiting him by going to coward crouch is strong as well since the kick hop follow up arc will easily hop over and punish any predictable patterns in his fireballs.

  • s.MP is another solid poke/whiff punisher. 0 on block and combos into s.LP on counter hit.




Messing around in training mode and found this. Sorry for the brightness the video editor i used added an instagram filter for some reason


No because I heard in the streams that there is no difference between jab and fierce electric thunder like it used to be in SF4. Is there a difference?

Yes that’s what I found out too, but it’s not just sakura. I’ve played vs Ryu and Menat yesterday both of them jumping HK straight out beat electric thunder, didn’t even trade. That feels so weird… hop forward + electric thunder and LP roll + electric thunder are almost useless now, because they are so easily punishable.


Wild Lift is sick. If you pre-empt their jump you can juggle it into itself and follow with ball or slide pretty easily. Being able to do it from a crouch adds to the fun.

Command grab’s startup having a small leap like Raid Jump is going to bungle people.

CH cr.MK, cr.MK xx Ball if you wanna relive the glory days.

Any tech for the TC? Stopping on the second hit seems reasonable for oki.


I could’ve sworn Fierce ET has at least a wider horizontal hitbox - going to do some testing.


No 3 frame normal.


I’m also personally not big on characters that don’t have 3 frame buttons, because I dont like having to hold fake ass frame traps. At least he has a command grab and I’ll take the EX up ball all day.


Oh so different versions of Electricity have different range? I was thinking Electricity had short range.

c MK seems like his best button by far. I’ve been doing j MK, c MK, c LP, b,f+HP. But I read d,u+LK is a better hit confirm special for oki purposes. If it was all blocked, after the c LP, another c MK is in range, which can of course be special cancelled into hop or b,f+LP. But Electricity is waaay out of range.

People aren’t ready for his HCB+P. It’s netted me lots of round wins!


That command grab is crush counter city though, so don’t spam it.



characters that can punish lp. ball (outside of super/vt)

cammy- drills
blanka- hp ball, ex ball, vt1 ball, super
rashid- ex flying douche kick
mika- ex but
necali- mp dash punch claw thing (in vt hp works) super
alex- mk and ex elbow, vt1, super (only at close range)
kolin- super, vt2 fowards dash
zeku- vt1 dash. old- ex fireball kicky. young-run slide
juri- mk flippy flip kick, charged v skill, super
ibuki- super, kunai, ex kunai, vt2
laura- ex elbow, vt1 elbow
karin- mp flippy dippy bullshit overhead, mk tenko
nash- mk scythe kick, vt 1, super, vt2?
bison- mk and hk scissor kicks, slide
birdie- bull head, ex bull horn
sim- mp, hp, mk, hk
fang- ex lean over and poke the other guy with your wierd ass fingers
rog- dash punches, super
urien- mk shoulder (only works if ball is done point blank. can link cr.lp after) , hp shoulder, ex shoulder, aeigis
abigail- sweep, super
sakura- dash lk

characters who need super, vt, range specific shit or can not punish at all

ryu- super, dash lk (only close range)
ken- vt1 ex tatsu, super (only close range) dash mk/lk (only close range)
akuma- super, raging demon
menat- orb recall/soul spark, super (close range only)
vega- vt1, slide (only close range)
chun- super
guile- super, ex boom (only close range)
ed- super, dash lights (close range only)
gief- nothing although can react with flex or charged hp. can get vt1 after the flex

when Blanka is in the corner lp. ball is extreamly unsafe. Also if there are any mistakes/anything i missed please let me know

The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO
The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO

Can Abigail not punish with cr. rh. or VT2? Can’t test it right now.


It is extremely frustrating that EX ball get’s stuffed by light attacks. What a waste of meter.


Yeah, I never even use meter for Ball, Rainbow Roll or Electric Thunder. I save it for reversal Vertical Ball or CA.


EX Ball is only good for combos if you’re willing to spend 2 bars for a EX upball afterwards


he cant punish with vt2 but cr. rh works