Blanka HATE



I play as Blanka on xbox live and do fairly well. Decent, not great.
I was fooling around in the menus on xbl and saw view rep and decided to check it out. 60% of the people I’ve played online (almost all SF4 w/Blanka) have chosen to avoid me. I’ve done nothing, but played the game. Never ragequit or done any trash talking. 60 percent seems like an unbelievable number, but that’s what I’ve got.

The only reason I can see why this is possible would be Blanka hate.
I’ve gotten angry messages here and there saying Blanka is cheap or whatever, but this seems crazy.

Has anybody else noticed anything like this? Check it out if you haven’t.
I found it funny, I’ve played an awful lot of people.


quit playing against scrubs.


What’s a scrub? I’m playing G1 champ mode almost always, so for the percentage to be that high it’s people of that level most of the time.

The real question is, have you ever gone as far as to block/avoid a player who used a certain character you didn’t like?
I hate Gief, but it never even occurred to me to block somebody who used him. It’s all part of the game, even though Gief matches are not fun to me.

I’ve seen random Blanka hate in other places also, it seems to be an accepted norm. It’s interesting (to me, anyway) that people will go so far out of their way to not play you and that I settled on a character that is so disliked.

I was weary of starting any new thread, but I didn’t see anything that fit my question.
Celebrate the hate


I dunno man, if people are blocking you for using Blanka they’re asspained because you’re outclassing them with a character they need to practice against. Scrubby scrub scrub.


Don’t worry about it. There was a thread in the general forums talking about it, it doesn’t really mean much. Last I checked I was at 87%.


well… Im a PSN Blanka player. It has definitely slowed down, but I remember when ppl used 2 give me tons of hate mail about my Blanka. Hahahahaha, now i get love letters. Today 3 people messaged me sayin that they love my Blanka.


Super Negative Reputation Fighter 2 Turbo.

I’ve got like 70% and most have given the “aggresive” reason for why they avoid my Blanka. That and trash talking, which is hilarious because the only time I message people is when they say I’m cheap and I say it’s all part of the game.


I wish PS3 had the rep. feature. I’m curious to see what mine would be.

Dont let it get to you. If cats aint hatin on you, you aint doin it right!


hey holyrobot a fellow Oregonian, don’t see many of them online

I don’t see why people even bother with the reputation that much, I know I never do, I have around 80-90% avoided


It’s interesting until you see people marking you down for stuff you didn’t do like quit early or trash talk. Microsoft’s definition of “aggresive” is doing something that breaks the game, like driving backward in a racing game, but everyone marks me down as aggressive because I play with blanka and rush down at times.


I’m not a Blanka player but I have a similar problem. Not as great of one, but I got 20% saying I was unsportsmanlike, and I don’t talk trash, rage quit, etc. I’m not even that good, I hardly win.

Its pretty bad when a scrub gives you a bad rep cause you suck so bad that he thinks you’re not playing right. Scrubs come in all shapes, sizes, and screenames. Be vigilant.

On another note it probably isn’t that many people, its all percentage and proportions.

And I’ll step back to my forum…


Check out this thread for a roster of all the Oregon players. I thought the Oregon scene being practically non-existant until I found this.


It’s kind of hilarious. Most people say I quit early, which I’ve never done.
They should put Blanka player as an option. I must get better and shoot for that 80-90% range.
Fucking Blanka bigots.
(It’s not easy being green.)


Honestly, I would LOVE to be marked down for aggressive as a blanka player. Online shouldn’t be taken too seriously anyways, but to have an official title of aggressive being a blanka player is an honor in my eyes lol. But it is stupid that you can be marked aggressive for your fighting style…A.K.A playing the game.

as far as my hate goes… I play on PSN and I must say that ive probably gotten about 5 messages in the 8 months ive been playing this game that are hate specifically against my blanka. I honestly don’t see many people in G1 avoiding blanka players. When I go to gatherings and tournaments though people get that “damn, he plays blanka” look on their face alot and I just try to ignore it.


I personally think it’s just because how annoying Blanka is to fight. Shotos aren’t allowed fireballs at a normally safe range because of the ridiculously stupid looking slide, crossups are 100% unsafe, a lot of combos will whiff just because Blanka’s ludicrously small hitbox…Basically, once you get Blanka on the ground, you’re forced to retreat and play it safe because of the ways he can punish aggressiveness. I would personally call it cheap, seeing as I play Akuma, and that’s nearly 50% of my game. Oh well.


A few days ago I was kicked out of Player Match on the PSN because I picked Blanka.

Seriously, the guy just send me a message saying: “Leave man, I’m not gonna play while you just walk back the whole time”.

The funny thing is that he sent the message BEFORE the First Round, so he didn’t even know how I was going to play the match.

What was even funnier is that he had picked GUILE! Go figure…


maybe he doesn’t know how to charge…


i also main blanka and my rep since this game came out is 58% avoided. my disconnect is 0 as i never ragequit, and i get a ton of hatemail for even using him, lol like their is somthing wrong with being patient. i almost always respond with gg if the match is good win or lose, but this isnt always recieved well either, but oh well. even had some backandforth mirror matches with you never 1 nothing i believe its 4 to 2 your lead lol…


i have about 70% also, on G1, with blanka


I’m up to 65% now.