Blanka hop forward -> Super.....EXPLAINED

I’ve been trying to get this down consistently and it’s really hard to pull off. I find that if I hold back immediately after the hop, and try to time the :f::b::f::lp: as I land it doesn’t come out. The weird thing is, is if I do just wiggle the stick back and forth during the hop and hit punch as I land it comes out.

What is the weird mechanic is behind this trick? I thought you only had 7 frames to pull off a super combo, the hop takes about 29 frames to land and technically you should lose charge since you have to press forward to hop forward, however isn’t the window on supers only 7 frames?


Video of me doing it:


If no one has an answer, I’ll be forced to memory watch v_v.

EDIT: Discovered the mechanics:

push the button faster and more often.

Tried that, doesn’t seem to do anything.

It’s 6 or 7 frames to cancel a super cancellable normal into a super. The input window for supers are in fact much wider than regular special moves. A good practical example of this is boxer rush punching, recovering, and then doing the super even though it’s a charge move. Boxer can’t rush punch and then do another regular rush punch since the input window for regular rush punches are much narrower than the super. The possibility of being able to get the super after the forward hop might be random since input windows are random in ST. I have no idea if the input for supers have random input windows.

Random input window, try it in HD Remix (where the input window is fixed) and it always works.

You can’t cancel from a whiff so that part doesn’t apply here.

As for the trick, read my posts in this topic carefully and make sure you understand how the input system works:

You have about ~5-frame leniency to put in the motion slowly as slowly as possible. The motion you’re trying is correct. The toughest part is that you have to delay pressing P for the super until your forward motion has almost expired.

I guess it’s up to me to find the exact mechanic behind this then.

Ok, time to get scientific up in this bitch.

Blanka’s super charge works like this.

His super charge memory value is ‘0x02’ by default, aka when he isn’t charged. Once you have a horizontal charge, this value increases to 0x04 while you’re holding :b: for the charge. The moment you input :f:, this value increases to 0x06, and then 0x08 on the next frame while forward is being held during this time, you have 5~6 (it’s random whether its 5 through 6, i’ve tested multiple times) frames after hitting :f: before you need to put the next input , (:b:) or the charge is lost. Once the :b: is input, the value once again increases by 2 to 0x0A, once this value has reached 0x0A, you have 4~5 (once again the window is random between 4 or 5) frames to input the final :f: before the charge is lost, once the final :f: is input, this value increases by 2 once again, to 0x0C, you have 13~14 (random, yet again) frames to input the :p: before the charge is lost while holding super.


(CHARGE) :b: :f: :3k:(5~6 frames), :b: (4~5 frames), :f: (13~14 frames)+:p:

Which explains why you can hop forward (which is roughly 23-24 frames, I haven’t gotten the exact amount, yoga book is wrong, like it always is with the frame data) and then super. This also means, it’s not always possible to do this even if you time it perfectly due to the random window. If you get the 5 + 4 + 13 window, that’s only 22 frames, not enough to continue after the hop. If you get the 6 + 5 + 14, that’s 25 frames, good to go.

I’m not sure if the input window is random because it’s programmed that way, or if it’s because of the turbo in super turbo, since I read something about a dropped frame occurring and it gets worse the higher the turbo speed is.

So ya, if you were interested in why this is possible like I was, it’s explained.

You can thank my free time.

Interesting side notes:

Blanka needs 47 frames to charge horizontally (this includes his super, but doesn’t include the extra motions for the super) and vertically.

You can maintain the horizontal charge for 10 frames after being charged and still blanka ball if you press :f::p: BY the 10th frame. I’m sure there is a 9~10 leniency here also, I didn’t test this much but I’m sure the window is random, probably that ‘turbo dropped frame’ issue.

You can maintain the vertical charge for 7~8 frames after being charge as long as you hit :u::k: BY the final frame of the window.

Testing done under whatever the default speed is for SSFT USA 940233 (Turbo 2?)

wow that’s some good reverse engineering there. i always said you’re smart. would you discover more shit and share them with us? i’ll find more pretty boys on ggpo for ya…

I fucking commend you for breaking down the Hop -> Super Pasky. GOOD SHIT.

It’s not that hard. Also it’s pretty useless to throw out.

Can a caveman do it?

I’m a cave man. What are you implying?

Well if that man has a plugin for the the cabinet in his cave, then yeah, a man in a cave can do it.

I disagree

Actually true it’s very useless to execute such a trick in a real match, the intial hit doesn’t combo which means on hit or block you are punishable by the entire cast. Unless done against someone with 0 health.

But it’s very interesting to see it working in Vanilla ST.

Well if it hits an airborne opponent it will juggle. The trick has some merit as an anti-air if you read an opponent’s jump well from far away.

Jump under the jump with the hop super hit them as they are coming down

you can type quite well, cave man.