Blanka hurtbox wonky? (Ryu and E. Ryu st.HK whiff)


So someone showed me this Vine of Evil Ryu’s roundhouse totally whiffing on Blanka when it should connect:

Seeing that, I had to try for myself, and can confirm that, yes, it completely whiffs, and it ain’t just in the corner. So long as you’re in the the range where cl.HK doesn’t go off, the st.HK will whiff everytime.

Playing more, normal Ryu’s also acts the same way.

I tried several other characters (Makoto, Elena, Yun) against Evil Ryu and Ryu, and the roundhouse always connects no problem. So I’m thinking it’s all on Blanka’s hurtbox. I then try other characters against Blanka, with mixed results.

Chun-Li vs Blanka. Her st.HK is also a roundhouse. This one is more weird. It sometimes connects. I’ll estimate 1 out of 4 right now. And the distance isn’t consistent. Chun-Li’s roundhouse doesn’t move her forward, but doing it in one spot it’s “whiff, whiff, whiff, CONNECT”. Blanka doesn’t move THAT much in his standing idle stance. More interestingly: at what appears to be Chun-Li’s max distance for that attack, it always connects. Getting in CLOSER makes it a gamble. Looking at where the “hit” actually occurs this makes no sense. It should be hitting every time.

Oni’s st.HK connects fine. However, his st.MK has range issues. Should be hitting at a certain distance, doesn’t. Have to get closer. Again, like Chun-Li’s, it’s also inconsistant at a certain range, whiffing a bunch then actually hitting, even though the attack doesn’t move Oni forward.

Akuma’s double roundhouse works fine. Sakura and Ken’s roundhouse are lower, so they work fine. Lordy, even Sagat’s works when it should against Blanka!

Dhalsim’s seems to work consistantly at a close enough range. At a certain distance, it’s inconsistant. 1/4 again, looks like.

Seems Evil Ryu and Ryu’s roundhouse is totally bonkered on Blanka (unless you’re at cl.HK activation range). Chun-Li’s works fine at max distance, but within that range and cl.HK range is inconsistant, hitting 1 out of 4 times. Dhalsim’s also consistant past a certain range. Oni’s st.MK has Chun-Li st.HK inconsistency.

I haven’t tested every character and their moves against Blanka, but this alone shows something is straight up weird with Blanka’s hurtbox.

(apologies if this has been posted before, but a skim and search turned up nothing for me)


this has been an issue in the game since vanilla


you should try to find the hitbox of your move, it’s obvious that your hitbox is way to high above blanka hurtbox to connect. Making your Hk a better anti air but a not that great ground poke.
Akuma far HK is supposed to force stand crouching opponent, thus have to have a lower hitbox to hit crouchers.
Hitbox, hurtbox and character graphic models are separate things.


blanka’s hair is too beautiful to have a hurtbox


Blanka’s the King of Wonky hurtboxes where have you been all these years :slight_smile: