Blanka is the best troll

I have made it a point not to learn any combos/links or anything with blanka

Nothing like drunken nights trolling ranked with blanka balls and electricity and the occasional slide.

All you need.

Wow your a F’in dumb @$$! Blankas Requires Skill to Play. Try PLaying Top 8 Evo just mashing lighting and doing balls it take some skill. it pisses me off when people TRY to say he is the easiest character to play with. yah for scrubs. if your trying to main blanka you need to now his combos!

“Requires skill to play” and “requires skill to play in Evo Top 8” are two entirely different things.

oh no! cr lk cr lp elec!


Awesome nerdrage(not really)

best quote on the forums

OneEyedWilly you were better in the goonies then you are a troll…

I’ve never seen the goonies so I wouldn’t know

You’re doing it wrong. If you’re going to troll at least do it with a top tier easy mode character like Rog, Ryu, Sagat, Rufus, Honda, etc… None require skills or combos to win with, ask Daigo. Hadouken, Hadouken, Hadouken, Hadouken, Hadouken, Hadouken…

Ummmm no i’m doing it right

I spammed electricity an entire match and watched on fei long just walk into it over and over and kill himself trying to focus attack or jab or jump in or everything.

Grade A troll material

where you playin a scrub? YES. Are you a Scrub? Yes :wtf:

I was playing the scrub in my living room to answer your question since my xbox is there.

[media=youtube]pc0TSKttSXQ[/media] Someone beat you to it.

All trolling copyrights to this man right here.

Did I ever claim to be the inventor of blanka trolling?

But thank you for proving my point.


lol you literally main blanka

“lol” hit me up if you wanna get tapped









… oh wow