Blanka Lightning cannonball ultra 1 auto rolls?



has anyone ever had this happen where you hit the guy with ultra 1, then blanka auto rolls thru even though I didnt release PPP?? Has anyone noticed that, is it a glitch or what?


Its happened a few times. I’m not sure what the property is. Another bug I just found was if you walk back during ultra 2’s ground portion (the first hit) will whiff from max screen, I haven’t tested other ranges.


…a move not hitting full-screen isn’t a “bug”, it’s a move that doesn’t hit full-screen. U2’s first hit goes nearly full-screen, but not quite all the way. It’s clearly intentional, otherwise U2 would be even more of a gg nextmap at fullscreen than it already is. Calling it a “bug” is like saying that HP Kikkoken dissolving before reaching fullscreen is a bug.

Here is the hitbox for the first* hit. The red box is the hitting range.

  • actually, this is the second hit - see below!

From what I remember, the U1 “auto rolls” I’ve gotten in vanilla have something to do with mid-air hits on the “wrong” side (i.e., when the opponent is trying to crossup jump you) - though in this instance, it doesn’t really matter, since the opponent will land out of range and it’ll travel away from them on release. I haven’t really used U1 regularly enough in SSF4 to remember much more detail than that.


So the first hit is the only one that doesn’t hit full screen? My bad as far as hit boxes go. I never checked the frame data. I just noticed it happened to me vs guile when he was trying throw a boom, and he backstepped the first pound and got hit by the 2nd while walking back. Didn’t know the first one was shorter.


I actually slightly misspoke.

U2 has three separate hitting frames - two that come out while his fists are individually pounding, then the main double-pound one.

The image I linked before is the second of those two initial hits.

Here are the three basic hit-patterns in sequence: #1, #2, #3

The simple version is that it does 4 hits at mid-screen or closer, 3 hits at “neutral fullscreen”, and 2 hits at “total fullscreen”, and 2 hits of chip regardless of positioning.

Because of the way hitboxes are positioned, the only way to get to “total fullscreen” is to be actively backing up. My saying “neutral fullscreen” and “total fullscreen” is a bit of a misnomer, since they’re still at the same range regardless of whether or not they’re backing up - really, it’s more like sucking in your gut, making the character’s vulnerable hitbox stick out less than it usually does.

So, the second hit (#2) will only miss a grounded opponent if the opponent is backing up at fullscreen. If they’re neutral or crouching, it’ll hit, which is why the ultra does two ticks of chip on someone holding down-back, and will do 3 hits against an opponent who’s just standing at fullscreen.

Offhand, I can’t think of another move that ends up having quite the same distinction between “neutral fullscreen” and “total fullscreen”. Just another reason why so many people have trouble getting the “feel” of fighting against Blanka :wgrin:


EDIT: it auto-rolls if you input the PPP on negative edge. Press PPP, do the BFBF, release PPP to start Ultra, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it from auto-rolling
EDIT2: I was originally asking why it auto-rolled when I tried to link into it but not any other time. The answer is I was counting on negative edge to make the link easier, but at the cost of making the ultra too unreliable


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