Blanka linking crouch shorts



It’s time to help me again!

For the life of me, I can’t link his cr lk to another cr lk. I’ve practiced for hours on the dreamcast, tried the double tap method, tried listening to the sounds, tried staring really hard at blanka… none of these work for me.

I wish to learn this to make his crossup more fearsome. Also, how do I link a super ball after the cr lk? I know to hold down the cr lk so if I mess up I still get a fierce ball, but I’d like to be able to get the super. I si tjust ‘move joystick hella fast’?

To give you an example of where my timing skill is, I can get chun li’s cr lpx2, cr mp consistently, and M bison’s cr lp, cr mk but not kyo’s cr lp, cr hp, or rolent’s st lp, cr mk, or M bison’s cr lk, cr lp.


If youre having so much trouble with it, just do, S.JP


That’s what I do from the front, but it does’nt give enough time to charge up for a ball/super from a crossup.


From Cross up… hold DB when doing the low short then hold BACK when doing the S.jab. Then do your ball/super. Since you are never leaving the Back position, your charge isnt faltering.


Does that work for real?

If you want to link three c.shorts, the prefered method is to start eating lots of french fries and ding dongs to get fat like Justin Wong…

… then you can press LK three times, hold the button down the third time, super with HP. Takes impecabble timing and practice. No easy way out for this combo unfortunately :bluu:.


Was hoping there was an easy way out. Oh well, thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Holy crap… I DO prefer that kinda method… I’m GOOD at eating french fries too! wikkid… why didn’t somebody tell me this earlier?

Does JWong eat any particular type of french fries or will any type do?


You can actually even put in a c.lp after the 3rd if you start RIGHT next to them…



Sai-rec combos are too good huh? :lol:


Did they do that combo? I found it out myself, but I’m sure it’d been done before… I actually just found out that you can link a after the 3rd… damn Apoc was bustin’ that shit out at a place up here not too long ago… that shit is really fucked up (he was actually pulling this kidna shit off in match play).



you sure about that? this isnt cvs1!


Damn, Apoc is a beast. drinks 40, gets high holy shit! now I can do that combo too!


heres what i do, this will prob only help a lil…

…charge down, cross up mk,, s.lp, and a roundhouse up ball.
…for linking the super, cross up mk,, watch the combo meter if it goes up after the second short stand light punch to super. I dont see hour your accuracy on it could be that poor, i get it at least 50%


roundhouse up ball, eh?
That’s a good idea. Thanks!


50%? Why would you risk it in when it doesn’t do enough damage to warrant it…I mean guaranteed ball VS unguaranteed c.short…


s.LP has no range (although it does come out really really fast). Plus you need to do three light attacks to get your charge when you don’t have it already.

Can anybody here do dash, d.LK, s.LP xx ball?

d.Lk, d.LK, d.LP xx ball —> the most useful combo.



It’s just fucked up timing… its kinda of like linking rolentos jabs… if you keep doing it you will build a concept for it and you will be able to do it most of the time. I can get x 4, blanka ball most of the time, but I dont rely on it…