Blanka Matchup Guide Version 0.5

I created this mostly for myself but realized quickly that a lot of other people could benefit from what I was putting together here. I’ve spent the last few weeks taking a lot of notes as I played against the different characters.

As most of you here probably know by now - knowing how to properly play any given matchup and not make any mental mistakes will win you quite a few matches on its own. I find this especially true when using Blanka. How many times have we all used a blanka ball versus Akuma and eaten his Ultra as a result?

I aim to put an end to this madness and put Blanka even higher on everybody’s hate list… I present to you the Blanka matchup guide version 0.5

I have at least decent information on 25 of the matchups for Blanka here. I really want to emphasize that this is a work in progress. Quite a few characters have no information at all, some have very little, and some information and recomendations may be completely wrong. Most of this stuff is factual however a good deal of it is also in my humble opinion. I figure I’ll get much better information by asking everybody here to give their input on this and I will update it with any additional information you guys can provide.

I made this all in powerpoint so you’ll need that - or at least the powerpoint viewer program (you can download it for free from MS) in order to view this.

Here’s a screeshot from Akuma:

You can download the entire powerpoint presentation with all the info here:

Edit: If you just want the raw text with all the images ripped out you can download the “light” version here:

For those who don’t have powerpoint - you can download the free viewer program here:

Please comment and let me know any additional information you may have - especially for the characters who are clearly missing a lot. Also let me know where I’ve gone horrible wrong so I can correct it in the next version. Enjoy!

Im going to try to not be an ass, because its obvious you have put a lot of time into this.

  1. Some of your akuma strategies are straight ass, hop~up ball is likely not the best solution if akuma is doing airfireballs. Likely slide, or jumping over the fireball will work better, though really, there is no general rule here as its all very specific to angle and location. Some of the other information aint bad, the information on akuma safe jumps is useful i guess, but the blanka frame trap after elec is simply braindead obvious, though perhaps not for everyone.

  2. The damn file is 40 megabytes…wtf?

  3. We already have forums for each specific character, your file is not only large, possibly filled with evil bugs, it is also redundant. You would have saved yourself a lot of time and trouble if you just pasted your information in the forums created for each character. It would also be easier to have a discussion specifically pertaining to each character as there is more room for it.

  4. I may actually download the file later, because I frankly like to badmouth people, but sadly i am busy and perhaps someone else has the time. In my opinion, Ves went through the trouble of reorganizing the forums and especially creating character specific places to talk about, and it would behoove people who talk here to actually pay attention and use what is available.

I’m pretty sure that somewhere in this massive file is actually some useful information. Sadly, its in a really really unapproachable form that panning for the gold ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Nice! Like Josh said lots of the info is in the forums, but it can be hard to pick through all the posts for the best info…
Good idea to put it all together into a nice guide like that.

Maybe for the next version it can be just a text file.txt so its not so large!

Thanks man.

Complaints about the file size? Wow… it’s only 40 megs. Is everybody on a 56k baud modem these days? hehe Well - I deleted all the images and created an extremely ugly “light” version which is just pure text. For those with slow internet connections you can get it here:

Personally I really like the images for 2 reasons. #1 - It makes it all look cool… but more importantly when I’m fighting somebody that I don’t fight frequently like Vega then I want to be able to find him extremely quickly before the match loads up. I honestly do not have everything I’ve written down here memorized so all the characters are in alphabetical order and with that giant picture on each of them it’s pretty hard to miss when you’re scrolling through it all.

Anyways - I apologize for the large file size I guess it isn’t for everybody. I’m going to go through the matchup threads and see what I can find but it’s hard to tell what information is SSF4, what info is AE, and what info is 2012. A lot of stuff is still relevant throughout all 3 of course but things have changed a fair bit since vanilla sf4.

Also with regards to Akuma - I’ll be the first to admit that the matchup info that I’m showing doesn’t have a lot of what to do strategies. I try to take some notes on that when I can but you need to look at most of this as what NOT to do in any of these matchups; what is completely safe, and what will get you burned badly. If you know what you can and can’t do - as well as when the opponent is trying to cross you up/safe jump you/mess with your head… that will drastically affect your style of play.

These are all my personal notes that I’ve written down while playing and decided to share… and they read that way for the most part.

i thought akuma can sweep your on block =/

Akuma can punish blanka sweep, sweep is -7, and akuma sweep startup is 6. However, if spaced correctly, and hit on any active frame past the first 2, the sweep will be safe.

In the 5th paragraph you say only to use crossup mk if he has a full super/ultra charge… so you can get hit by it??

Also you can always make akuma’s ultra/super and dps whiff with a properly spaced mk.

Akuma can safejump u2 during vortex.

Challenging akuma with strong ball is ridiculously stupid. That first knockdown that he sweeps you with can lose you the entire round.


If you knock Akuma down with a sweep for example and then go for a crossup MK… yes you can get hit with his full Ultra. Friend of mine that I spar against does it to me every time. You can also get hit with the Super but I think the timing for it is stricter… not that it seems to matter to my friend. You can also get hit with the Ultra when you do a backwards throw->dash->jump->MK

The only time it’s more or less safe to go for the crossup MK (once Akuma has Ultra) is off a forward throw->dash->hop->jump->MK
Even then it’s still possible for Akuma to hit you with the Ultra but there’s like a 1 frame window - otherwise it will go the wrong way and miss you.

With regards to always making Akuma’s ultra whiff with a properly spaced MK… that’s true probably for 99% of Akumas but not at all true for the one I spar against which is what I took these notes for. When I fight against Akuma online it’s pretty much a free win most of the time. Friend of mine beats me like 10-0 though. It’s depressing. lol

I should take some videos… IMHO he’s the best Akuma in Mexico. It’s between him and this other guy from Mexico City.

Also with regards to the strong ball - it depends how many rounds/games you’re going for. Doing it once will immediately tell you how well the Akuma player knows the matchup. Stupid if you know who you’re playing of course but most Akumas don’t realize that they can do that so might as well take advantage. Plus getting knocked down once versus Akuma isn’t the end of the world. Sure you’ll have to put up with 1 safe jump but after a sweep you just chicken block the entire block string and tech any throws he goes for. That’s pretty much all he can do. He can’t cross you up or anything like that because it’s unsafe for him and loses to EX Upball

Akuma also has a safejump after a sweep, wiff overhead, jump, divekick that is very ambiguous and can hit back or front… And stuff upball. All depends who you play. He can also mix in flip grab, flip palm or flip dive. Blocking may work once, but when they have your number expect to be mainly choosing the wrong option.

pretty sure he can just straight up ultra it

i’ve had him focus dash ultra straight through it, thats way funnier.

“Sure you’ll have to put up with 1 safe jump but after a sweep you just chicken block the entire block string and tech any throws he goes for. That’s pretty much all he can do. He can’t cross you up or anything like that because it’s unsafe for him and loses to EX Upball”


That’s like saying you can’t do frame traps vs shotos because they’re unsafe and lose to dragon punch mashing.

“You’ll have to put up with one safe jump” after being swept by akuma? You have to put up with the entire akuma game plan after being swept by akuma.

"block the entire block string and tech any throws he goes for. That’s pretty much all he can do."
Oh man, I actually think this might work vs every character. Just block the strings, block the overheads high, the lows low, don’t tech during a frame trap and just tech the throws! it’s all so simple now!

Tokido only has one safe jump. I usually just block him afterwards. Then hop -> throw. He hates that, cos hops scare him. This one time I just sat in the corner and did Lp.elec continuously, he didn’t know what to do… so in the end he just rage quitted, and sent me hate mail. But I didn’t understand it cos it looked weird.

I beat taquitos by wrapping them in a paper towel and sticking them in the microwave for 3 minutes.

You’ll get burned doing that

Thanks for sharing st Aabra.

I think that instead of busting the guy’s balls it makes more sense to contribute so he edits his document and we all benefit more from it. I find it very useful, having a hard job / family means I am dead tired when coming home to play sf it really hard for me to search for information all the time. I love it that he put the basics in one document and I don’t mind the mistakes.

I also like it because I play on pc and there are 2-3 characters that I cannot find no one (literally) over 3k pp to practice like Adon and Ibuki and gen, so it’s good if I have a cheatsheet to try stuff in the scarce moments I encounter them.

The problem is he has outright wrong/bad info.

Contributing to something when the final say is done by someone who I don’t know/who is giving bad info seems like a bad proposition.

If this was Josh P, The Mullah, or ilitirit I would be all over this project because these guys know so much about this character, but it isn’t.

I guess this gives me incentive to finish the matchup threads if you honestly think this is more useful than them.

How do I do Blankas EX taunt…? Can I plink it with the xboxs’ off button?

Its a watermelon throw and was removed from the game during beta tests for being overpowered.

video proof or it ain’t happened :stuck_out_tongue: