Blanka matchup

Sup, I was wondering if anyone would play some games with me so I can get a little bit more familiar with this blanka matchup.

where do you live, and I’m assuming 360

edit: Alabama, 360, Adon player.

Dunno who lives down there who would have a good connection with you and also happens to know that matchup.

Lol true but its not lime connection is complete ass, its alright I play some cats from cali often so hopefully it’ll run fine. Would you wanna play some games like tomorrow?

I’m pretty much completely busy till Monday, so it’d have to wait in regards to me.

Ill play you.

Too far away to play. Connection would be pants. I like’ing Adons though, best move in that matchup imo. Jaguar kicks lose to it every time, they’re slower than a juri divekick so easier to react to. At worst, when done late, they still trade favourably.