Blanka Matchup

I can’t be the only person who’s having trouble with this matchup.

Can anyone give me advice on how to properly approach this match? Should I lame him out or punish his wake-ups with meaty attacks? What is the optimal distance for Rose? Is Ultra 1 really the best option?

Any other advice would be appreciated. I seem to have hit a block with this and it’s really difficult to get past it.

In the future if you have any matchup inquiries, just post them here. Helps keep the forum from being cluttered.

That aside, I think this matchup is definitely one of the harder ones for Rose. Throwing Sparks is out of the question most of the time because Blanka can easily punish fireballs with slide or his forward ball. Rose doesn’t have an answer to continuous electricity pressure (she can backdash any followups however). Blanka has solid pokes and anti-airs and his jump-arc can make him pretty difficult to anti-air too.

Blanka doesn’t have any reversal options without meter so feel free to pressure him with meaties. Even when he does have meter though, his reversals aren’t hugely damaging but you should watch out for them nonetheless.

I prefer using Ultra 1 in this matchup because I want to punish Blanka hard. Similar to Soul Piede, it’ll catch pretty much everything but properly spaced forward balls. You usually should be able to punish blocked EX Upball with cr.MP xx Spiral, maybe cr.HP xx Spiral. Punish EX Rainbow Ball with FA. If Blanka crosses up, then just dash out of it and if he hits you from the front, let it rip. Don’t use FA if Blanka does EX Rainbow Ball as a reversal however as it will break armor.

If Blanka decides to go for hop shenanigans, just use cr.LP to hit him out of them. Do the same thing if Blanka throws out a lot of forward balls.

Yea i have a hard time with this match up as well. I tend to just go into turtle mode and pick my moments to go in.

the match-up requires you to do two things essentially : learn to block consecutive crossups attempts, and be extremely high on caffeine in order to tech all the dashes to throw attempts. other than that, make him use his meter like heavy mental said and then give him hell on knock-downs.

one thing though : i tend to try and punish blocked non-ex balls with soul piede, it seems so natural ! but it does NOT work. the hitbox seems somehow to be a tiny bit higher than his hurtbox…

The problem with trying to stand tech hop-into-throw is that if you don’t time it correctly or if Blanka spaces his hop well is that your tech attempt will whiff and he will throw you anyways. It’s much safer to just jab Blanka out of his hop and avoid dealing with the mixup completely.

I’ve never had a problem punishing normal Blanka balls. Perhaps you’re not timing it properly? If you can’t seem to do it, you could always try punishing with sweep or LK Spiral instead.