Blanka matchup



Hey guys,

Just a general topic really. I’m looking for a little bit of information on the Blanka matchup. It’s a matchup I’ve always struggled with regardless who I’m playing. I feel as Gen that it’s not much better.

Friends constantly tell me, ‘it’s an easy match!’ but I’m not too sure.

All advice is appreciated!


what gives you trouble in this match?


Just theory.

  • punish Blanka ball with Super, Ultra or dashing twice and TC1 gekiro or hands
  • stay on high alert for grabs
  • well placed mantis xx hands certainly a good idea here, too


Thanks derBane, I’ll keep that in mind.

I think my main problem with Blanka is random play, lots of hops and I basically panic.


oh, just realised the youtube link. I’ll need to watch that when I get home. (at work right now)



You’re welcome. I tend to panic, too. :slight_smile:


delayed crouch tech works wonders here. It works great against blanka’s 50/50 electricity and grab mixup when you’re waking up.

In this matchup, space yourself so your pokes are utilized at their maximum range. Blanka sucks at footsies and can only really rely on fake horizontal ball and dashes to get in, so keep him out and out-poke him

Note that all versions of electricity and non-EX vertical ball doesn’t actually have startup invincibility, so don’t be afraid to attempt a meaty attack or crossup occasionally. Also, safe jumps attacks (including ambiguous crossups i believe) do not work against blanka due to his wide-hitbox and 4F reversal, however, empty safe jumps are still safe, which is good to bait reversals. Just be sure to immediately delayed crouch tech after landing just in case blanka tries to grab you

non-reversal vertical ball is focusable

and, practice a lot in training mode punishing all his unsafe moves. You don’t want blanka getting away with all his unsafe moves, which is the primary reason why fighting blankas are difficult for beginners.

mantis cr.LK, cr.MK, and cr.HK are safe normals against whiff electricity, but each of them requires different spacing. cr.MK is the safest move to counter electricity without trading at close range