Blanka newbie needing help

As the title said i’m a blanka newbie, been reading the combo thread and I’ve been trying to pull of those cross-ups and such and I don’t think I’m doing them right, i am really confused with that threads combos, like the MK. Is the MK supposed to be the 2knees Blanka does to his enemy?

For example, the first cross-up on the list:
MK >> Rock Crusher XX Forward + LK+MK+HK

Is that MK supposed to be the knees? I am really confused… because if it is the knees then I don’t think I’m doing it right, unless the moves aren’t supposed to connect rapidly and well… When i try pulling this one off in specific, I knee the enemy twice and this moves mi back making rock crusher impossible unless I walk up again, also is the XX(cancel) supposed to be done by using the forward+LM+MK+HK?

I think i need assistance in understanding the combo thread. May someone point out what I’m doing wrong? or explain how the combos posted work or something?

I’m FAR from an expert–or even an average player for that matter–but I THINK it means to jump at your opponent using the medium kick in the air (not the knees). Also, I think cross-ups are basically jumping JUST over your opponent, so the MK would be as you jump right over whoever you’re facing.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong because I very well may be.

…exactly what he said. 220 damage-cross up MK >> s.MP >> s.HK That one means jump over their head and kick them with a medium kick on the back of their head, as soon as you land do a standing medium punch, then a standing hard kick.

Read this

And go poke around in the newbie forum. Crossups aren’t a blanka thing, they are a fighting game thing.

thanks. Also one thing… how do i keep the blanka ball special charged up all the time? I see players in videos comboing and using them inside of combo’s. Do they always hold back (direction) while attacking?

just hold back :slight_smile:

when you crouch, hold down back… to charge… always charge :slight_smile:

when you jump forward… hold back :slight_smile:

all charge characters work this way… guile, honda, blanka…etc…

Learn this…

Jumping Hard Kick, Crouching Medium Kick, Cancel into Beast Roll, Cancel into Ground Shave Roll (Super).

Or this:
Jumping Medium Kick, Crouching Medium Kick, ULTRA1

You have to start HOLDING BACK ASAP you execute jump… to charge for “balls” :slight_smile:

Mofo - any advice on cancelling into the beast roll and cancelling into the super? I have tried repeatedly and just cannot get it for the life of me. I don’t know if I am too slow or what. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: