Blanka or Akuma

Hi im pretty new to sf4 and i going to main either Blanka or Akuma but i don’t really know much so i wanted to know what the styles of these two characters are and how there played.

those are some pretty radically different characters. they both will play completely different from eachother, and you should probably mess around with both of them to decide what style you like most. Akuma has a ton of options to choose from and only if you can utilize all of them effectively will make using him worth the handicap in health he has over all the other characters. Blanka has a lot of different ways to win a fight but also takes quite a bit of prowess to be effective with. but, IMO blanka can be gimmicky which is both good and bad. my advice would be to find the playstyle you like, and the character you like. theres no point in trying to find the “best” character if you dont like him. neither are considered the “best” of anything in the game, but akuma is definitely top tier and a major cut above blanka in the long run. at the end of the day, a good player can dominate even with characters like dan or hakan. just gotta be good with them.

i suggest blanka since you are new and akuma needs a lot of effort to play good with
mash that electricity :3

I don’t really care about there tier rankings just funrating style uniqueness etc

Neither. Be a real man and pick DAN OR HAKAN.

LOL i couldn’t imagine anything worse tbh ^^

You say this like Blanka doesn’t take that same amount of effort. Mashing electricity works against terrible players, but it won’t help you improve.

If all you care about who is more fun to play, play them both and figure out who is more fun to you.

It’s not that complicated.

Well everyone says blanka is lame thats why i wanted to know about there styles

Within the conditions that you’re new to the game, you have to figure out if charge characters are your thing ( Blanka ). Or if you would rather prefer something more traditional like an Akuma, with his standard flair of DPs’, projectiles, etc.

A lot of what you may hear from us are biased from our experiences in gameplay. Hit up the challenge mode and see which move sets seem to make more sense/comfort to you.

Additionally, hit up some reviews of characters. They provide a straight up synopsis on your character of choice.

blanka can be played in a lame fashion, but ive seen him played with skill as well. hes a nasty character with a lot of mixup game if you know how to play him and can whip his moves out on the fly. but so is akuma… but akuma has less HP and less defensive attacks like blankas electricity. IMO, blanka can be a pretty effective weapon against shoto chars with his coward crouch and DF HP sweep attack that both slip below fireballs, and against chars like akuma that use aerial attacks as part of their game, his electricity works wonders at saving your ass sometimes. Im no blanka player, but ive had some pretty decent success with him against the more novice of players out there. a lot of what hes capable of some people just dont see coming (speaking for myself at least)

finding a main is about picking the character you like to look at, and like to play with. the game is ultimately about having fun, and if you dislike anything about your character that could potentially be game breaking, then its not going to help you. “fun” is in the eye of the beholder. I personally view akuma to be a more “serious” fighter. where at the end of a victory you feel strong and skilled in your battle prowess. whereas for blanka, for me, i always just laugh when i get victories. usually because half the time i get a win with him its using his gimmicky moves to piss the other person off lol so just pick someone that fits your own personality a bit and go from there.

Blanka is the quintissential gimmick character in my opinion, but he has some insanely strong stuff if you can piano electricity amongst other [actually fairly exeuction heavy] trixxxxxxx. He’s pretty sweet if you’re goal in life in messing with peoples heads and generally keeping them off balance but against solid players his overall low dmg potential can be a bit of a burden and he has a lot of unsafety in what he does. Put more bluntly he’s a mixup char with no airtight mixups who can turtle well. He’s not really a good beginner char due to his more impressive stuff requiring a bit of speed a lot of thought and having few large damage openings to fix mistakes.

Akuma is a tool chest. He has the tools to do everything in the game to some degree with varying levels of value [although his turtle game isn’t like great.] He leans toward absurd airtight mixup and seeks to beat people through unrelenting pressure and devestating dmg. His low life/stun total can end him quickly and he has to make careful use of his extended move list to actually keep his oppenent locked in - so he’s not really a beginner char either!

So you should play Viper instead.

yeah neither are beginner chars. but viper? good lord lol shes a rough one… with her ability to fake moves to lure in attacks, id almost consider her a harder character than akuma to truly “master” in some ways. her attacks are almost like ballet or something in that they have to be very fluid and seamless. what about sagat as a good beginner character? loads of power, projectiles for both high and low that recover quick enough to punish jump ins easily, his move set is pretty simple to basic shoto style commands, his slow ground speed makes you want to try to bait and punish more than get super aggressive, at least initially, and hes got good health and does a shitload of damage. after playing a bit with all the chars, ive noticed sagat is just a good all around tank of a character for those who prefer limited command lists. perhaps someone can correct me on that? im just thinking in terms of damage output and health reserve mainly.

Online vs Offline Blanka are different characters. The former requires little-to-no skill, whereas the latter requires you to have good execution and to memorise a ton of setups and matchup specific stuff. They same can be said for Akuma, but IMO Blanka takes a bit more execution. His hit-confirm is a 1f link, and basically every other decent combo he has requires you to learn 2f links or tricky inputs.

Blanka’s playstyle is generally dictated by the matchup. eg. In some matchups you are forced to lame it out and look for punish situations, while in others you have to rely on footsies. Akuma can generally play a match on his own terms. Not in all cases of course, but because he has more options there is more opportunity to play to your own strengths as opposed than relying more on the toolset of the character.

Lol, yeah I was kidding :smiley:

Sagat’s not a bad choice except for relative reliance on links. The ‘real’ beginner chars is ryu for his wide array of ‘answers’ but whatever right? Pick who you like. And there aren’t nearly enough Blanka players IMO

I’ve decide to main Akuma after playing around with them.
I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to learn his core combos basics etc?

Thats a easy question.

You want a lot of offencive and defencive options? -> Akuma
You want to be hated on get loads of hatemail? -> Blanka

If Im not mistaken, Warlock made a thread in wich he asked for help with his Akuma play. Should still be around in the Akuma section of the forums.

Check the stickies in the Akuma section.

that would be this thread

and yeah there is a ton of information there for any budding akuma player. if the OP is on PS3 you can hit me up on my PSN for some games. Im far from an “expert” in playing SF but im sure i would pose a decent opposition for you to train with :slight_smile: WarlockDLX

Yeah but sagat has more HP if im not mistaken. thats the only reason I would ever consider him a more useful tool for a newcomer. But yeah ryu is definitely a solid all arounder. though, despite my lack of fondness for ken as a character, i think he really is the better of the two between ken and ryu. if you are like me and dont plan to make use of the srk>fadc>metsu then ken has a much better SRK (at least in my opinion… invinvibility and damage) and the way his tatsus work they leave the opponent helpless in the hands of a skilled user. a friend i play with a lot is an avid ken user. before he switched accounts to reset his PP/BP figures he was A rank with him. Watching this guy with ken can be frustrating… and the problem even with that is, half the time hes holding out on me… toying with my mind lol hes just a really awesome player, and ken has some really nasty options

are you really trying to give advice to people partially based on your own arbitrary decision to not use a specific combo?

yep. thanks for noticing.

for the rest of the readers, to clarify, it IS my own personal choice, but as ive read and learned for myself through countless incursions with other players, without that move ryu is castrated quite a bit. if you are comfortable leaning on a single combo/move to win matches thats great. more power to you. but for those of us looking to add a bit more variety to their game, and have a wide array of options to use that are all powerful in their own right, there ARE better characters to choose from. its just my opinion that ken has a scarier shoryuken than ryu does, and ive seen it used much more effectively than ryus. the only thing ryu has on ken IMO is his fireballs. any character can win a fight… but the ‘how’ is more important to me than the fact itself. i like characters who are able to dominate with all or most of their moves. akuma is one, ken is another. i just dont see ryu as being nearly as diverse and practical as ken. kens shoryukens seem to have almost complete invincibility. that has to count for something… i know that disappearing hit box of his has won trades on moves that normally would have worked on any other shoto in matches ive played. just my experience.