Blanka Pianoing



Hey guys, I’ve been maining blanka since vanilla, and i have done pretty well for myself so far. But as i watch more and more top blanka players, it seems electricity pressure is key (i have known this for a while but never really tried to learn it cuz like i said i did pretty well without the elec pressure) but in order to up my game i need to master this. I have seen many youtube video’s showing various different methods, but the one i am trying to master right now is 1-3-2-1-3 (1=lp 2=mp 3=hp) but sometimes it works, other times i get c.Hp and some times i get c.Mp. But im doing it the same way everytime. Is it possible to go too fast? do i need to slow it down? i need some help on this, im getting really frustrated with this.


Have you tried sliding?


yes, but i need more control. That’s why i wanna learn how to piano


I like 12313 personally. Can you explain how you’re getting another normal out? You get cr. lp and then cr. hp? That means you’re pianoing WAY too slow. Or if you do like j. mk into electricity and you get j. mk into cr. hp, then it’s also too slow. If you’re going for j. mk into st. lp xx electricity, then you’re hitting buffering too soon and you have to speed up your electricity inputs.


If you are getting a normal after the jab you are going too slow by a pretty big margin. If you go too slow, but not quite fast enough nothing will come out except the jab.

Also sliding isn’t inherently worse than pianoing. Akimo slides, and he’s arguably the best honda player in the world.


Akimo slides? Hmmmm. That’s weird since Honda’s jab HHS isn’t hard at all.


Honestly… if you’re used to slide… i feel like you have equally as much control as pianoing…

I slide… I actually learnt it from Realyst when i saw him in CTF (at that time I just started playing)…

now I can pretty much end it with any strength i want… anytime i want… and can start slide with c.LK/c.MK if i wanted to… can also do EX electricity…

so… if you’re talking about control… it’s really all about practice… if you can’t control how you slide that means you haven’t practice enough same with pianoing… i really don’t think one method is better than the other… it’s really about preference.



if you slide you’ll hit ex electricity every now and then, i’ve seen it time and time again from even the best players who use it, same with cvs2 pianoing.


The Mullah:

I NEVER hit EX electricity when i slide… NEVER. i really have to PURPOSELY hit EX to get it… but i do have a problem that 1 out of 50 times (or 100) i get an unexpected FADC off jab… I’m confident enough to put my life on it… literally… because it’s pretty much impossible for me…

here’s why

with sliding… it’s really all about how you slide and position your fingers… the way i slide i only use index finger to slide… while i raise my other fingers pretty much an inch above (naturally) i never ACCIDENTALLY hit more than one button… infact… it’s pretty much impossible for my skinny fingers to hit two buttons (horizontally) at the same time… … if i want EX electricity i slide LP,MP,HP then when i slide back i bring my middle and ring finger in as well… that’s how i get EX… but it’s only because i’m bringing those fingers down vs… usually when i do electricity it’s raised 1 inch above any buttons

the reason why i get FADC sometimes… is because… the position of the buttons sometimes is not a straight line… sometimes it’s some weird diagonal or ‘camel’ bump… that’s when i accidentally use one finger and hit MP+MK … otherwise… if the buttons are in a straight line this pretty much rarely ever happens.

I know why other people might get EX if they don’t slide the way i slide… but like i said… never happens to me… just simply because of how i press my buttons.



Pianoing for me is really hard and sliding doesn’t work either, sliding usually traps my finger between buttons and nearly snaps my index finger at the lowest finger joint. I’ve been messing with fwd kkk>ppp>lp~lp~lp. Stab the kkk’s and immediately the ppp’s in the air then mash lp when I land. Fairly useless and shamefull. I really need to piano properly.
I was getting it ok last week for one day; hop/>3,2,1,3,1,3 or blur of fingers/keys… this nearly always ended in jab>electricity, even when crossing up hop and I felt really pleased with my self/fingers. But now my brain/fingers have forsaken me again.
Sometimes even fwd kkk>lp~lp~lp~lp~lp~lp works for me, but after 5mins of that it feels like I?m going to snap a tendon. :frowning:

btw how tf do you get walking jab>elec…? Any videos I watched weren’t that helpful, what are the inputs usually? Sorry…

:edit: After a bit of research again I found: lp,mp,hp,lp,hp (piano) or lp,mp,hp,mp,hp (slide), I’ll just try and get those down. I can’t be that disabled.


That’s just BS, I slide with Gen, Honda and Blanka and I’ve never got EX anything (unless I wanted it)


The thing I don’t get is: To cancel a normal into electricity I’d imagine you use six buttons presses total (1 normal then five buffered hits to get the electricity). Techniques that say it is only five presses confuse me, where is the hit-confirmed normal located in the string e.g. jab?
In hopping/jumping electricity combos, are the buffered punches before the jab normal? Or is the jab located at the beginning and you buffer the other five presses afterwards? Walking electricity seems to have the buffered hits after the initial normal hit, for me that seems like an impossible scenario. Are the active(hit/blk)+recovery(hit/blk) frames of a s.lp long enough to squeeze in five more button presses?

“LP startup:4 Active:2 Recovery:10 HitAdvantage:-1 BlockAdvantage:+2”

So 14 frames for five button presses if the s.lp hits and I press the first button in the buffer sequence the 1st frame after s.lp… 17 frames if it’s blocked.

Ok, powdered caffine and rolled up banknote for dinner today.


The jab is included in the 5 you need. So you can look at it like its the jab and 4 other presses.


Damn you electricity… DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!


I had a very rough time with electricity when I started with Blanka just give it time


You need 5 punch buttons total for electricity to come out. If you’re cancelling off a punch, that counts as one of the 5, i.e. jab electricity for me is lp mp hp lp hp. If you’re cancelling off a kick, you need a total of 6, the first kick and 5 more punches. Mk electricity for me is mk lp mp hp lp hp.

If you’re getting EX electricity off a slide it’s because you’re accidentally plinking the last 2 inputs. They shouldn’t be done within 1 frame of each other, and when you slide it’s harder to time.

The key to pianoing is to relax your hand. If you stiffen up you slow down. Also, practice slowly at first then up the tempo. Blanka’s electricity has a considerably shorter input window than Honda’s HHS, so you may want to try HHS first and when you get that down, work on electricity.

Be sure to use hp electricity for pressure, the extra +frames of blockstun compared to lp and mp are necessary to walk back in range for additional electricity or kara throw or whatever you’re going to try.

There are lots of threads and videos on this floating around everywhere. Search and ye shall find.


Im still having no joy with pianoing elec…


I switch between 1-3-2-1-3 and 2-1-2-1-3 (these are the easiest for me), I know some friends that go 1-2-3-1-3 and 1-2-3-3-3
I recommend starting off slow and making sure that the amount of time between each button is equal.
Here’s how I taught my friend:
Use a metronome set in 6/8 and set about 150 bpm
Choose the pattern you want to follow for the first 5 beats, rest on the 6th beat and continue that pattern
For example it for (1-3-2-1-3) it would be 1-3-2-1-3-rest-1-3-2-1-3-rest-1-3-2-1-3-etc.
Once you feel comfortable enough with that speed stack an additional 10 bpm and continue the pattern his metronome only went to 230 bpm, which isn’t fast enough to do electricity, but once you get a fluid motion going on at that speed, speeding up to electricity speed is cake. This way you’re teaching your fingers the rhythm and pattern. After some practice, pianoing should become natural. Good luck.


I will slide till the day electricity becomes a dp motion…if that day ever comes I will start playing Cooking Mama because street fighter will no longer make sense to me lol

On a side note, personally I once ever harvest moon get EX elec with sliding if im not doing it on purpose. But like LUA, occasionally I will get FADC. And then thats only when I am in panic lol


lol awesome.