Blanka pros!

i did not see a thread nor sticky about this…but i was wondering if there are any pro players…i wanted to watch some pros play…please if you know any post them below…:razzy:

maybe not a pro but look up The Mullah he posts on here and from wat ive heard hes got"The UK’s Finest Blanka"

kk will do…what i ment are good blanka players…maybe i shouldnt say pro…i know 2 blanka players…but the both use ryu now…which is stupid…o yea i will look him up

The Mullah

Those are just some US/Europe players.

Black Mamba is a crazy good Japanese blanka.

There’s prolly others too, so if I’ve left out anyone who posts here I apologise in advance.

Ha ha I played The Mullah on live the other night and he had less GP’s than me and I thought whats all the fuss about… then he proceeded to destroy me :bluu: his execution was fantastic!!

you can watch for mizoteru, black mamba etc…

I have a playlist of “pro” blankas here

enjoy !

^ cant see any vids??

I’d just add Mizoteru to that list as well.

Check out:

The Mullah

Are these jus who they go by or sn’s?

Better here ?

it’s my favorites :lovin:

This is the sickest Blanka I’ve ever seen.



If anyone knows the name of this guy let me know.

i used to watch those vids on my archos before the game was released, theres another one of him vs viper too. his blanka was good but since then blanka play has evolved somewhat.

watch sizouka saiko for the best blanka play.