Blanka Q&A v.2 - Simple Questions Go Here(DON'T MAKE A NEW THREAD)



The old Q&A thread got pretty bulky, so I wanted to make a new one an consolidate a lot of the commonly asked questions into the first post which will regularly updated.

Q:** I can’t seem to do electricity well, how do I do it!**
A: Take a look at this, it’s a great guide to getting it down

Q:** What are Blanka’s anti-airs?**
A: EX upball is his only invincible one other than super, but st.:hp:, cr.:hp:, cr.:mp:, nj.:hp:, st.:hk:, and regular upball all have uses. He even has some situational ones like slide and Generally for far away jumpins cr.:mp: is the way to go and closer ones st.:hp: or :hk: is best.

Q: What are Blanka’s pokes?
A: Pretty much all of his buttons that go far are great for poking, but his heavy pokes are punishable on block sometimes and easy to focus. far st.:lp:, cr.:lp:, and far st.:mp: have the best hitboxes and are the most safe, they are all safe on block and generally safe to focus.

Q: What combos should I go for?
A: The problem with Blanka combos is that a lot of the heavier damage ones are either difficult or character specific. There are a few basics that are important though.
cr.:mk:, st.:lp: xx :hp: horizontal ball
cr.:lk:, st.:lp: xx :hp: electricity

While there are other important ones to learn, this is a good base.

Q:** My hops keep getting punished!**
A: Hops aren’t very good, stop doing them so often.