Blanka Question

OK, so I main Vega, but just started playing Blanka seriously. I love his style. My question is how to you hop forward into ball? I know this is probably in a sticky, but I do not feel like sifting through pages upon pages to find it.

no offense, but there already is a thread for stupid questions like that!

but to answer your question:
hop with down-forward or down-backward!
that way you can charge down by hopping and do an upball afterwards!

hagen, yeah no need to be a douche missle, like I said I didn’t feel like scouring the stickies for the answer.

I was watching some videos and it looked like they would hop forward and then do the horizontal ball. I know about the hop charge, but how to you hop forward and then have enough time to charge for the horizontal ball?

I think what Hagen meant is that you could have posted this question in the Q&A thread - contrary to some other forums, sticky-threads here generally aren’t read-only.

Doctor Cuss - Yeah, I know what he meant. He just didn’t say it tactfully.

I guess I was confused by your saying you didn’t want to “scour the stickies”, as if you thought he was telling you to use the search tool.

I frankly don’t understand how it’s less work posting a new, redundant thread (with a completely useless title, no less) than it would be to click the sticky and Post Quick Reply. I think he saw you as being less than tactful yourself (just like the username would imply :wgrin: ), and while two wrongs may not make a right, wrongs do tend to begat more wrongs.

There was nothing un-tactful about my original post, only my response. My username is my favorite beer.

a lot of people read the threads upon picking up a character, for that reason its helpful to put simple questions in the simple question thread. Its also been set up that way to keep the size, cost and effort to run the place down. If you like the place and get something from it, then you could do worse than respect the wishes of those that run it.

OK, got it. Will post in the stickies next time.