Blanka question

I made this post in the Blanka thread, but I don’t suppose anyone even looks at it…

I was playing around in training mode with RCs yesterday, seeing if I can do it on the PS2 Classic PS3 version…
And I noticed something.

You can input


You don’t need to input the LK again, as the negative edge off of the LK is buffered long enough for the input. or at least… that’s what I assume.

Anyone know why this works? Or if my theory about the negative edge is what makes it work? Holding 3 kicks down and releasing doesn’t cause the hop…

Seems to be caused by the negative edge of the LK, IMHO. There are a lot of “soft” shortcuts in the engine to allow things like this.

That makes sense.
Works for Rolento too. Makes me happy

thats how you are supposed to lol

citiofbrass was showing me this long time ago

It’s because of the negative edge off the short kick. If you do that method fast enough you’re imitating the input of LP+LK ~ MK ~ HK.

Input priority covers the MK + HK input.
I always did the first method with my palm and it comes out as a ‘drumming’ method.