Blanka Rank between each version!

How many people think 2012 Blanka is weaker than AE Blanka? or stronger?
List ur points…


From my opinion, 2012 Blanka is weaker than AE Blanka. Those nerf on S.Mk , block ex up ball distance is too much trade off knock down ex up ball.

I just feel like Capcom nerf most of the safe moves from Blanka.

So you’re basically saying that a worse T.Hawk matchup is not worth the better matchups vs. Makoto, Fei, Seth, Rufus, Guy, Abel, Yun, Yang, Akuma, and Ibuki?

What nerf?

Ves, either this guy is a troll
or he is retarded - fact that he dont understand the importance of ex upball knockdown says it all.

either way, not much point in debating this issue, as 2012 is the game we have, and blanka is likely his best ever now that he has a real reversal, regardless of the other changes.

You could be punished on hit with ex upball before and easily punished when blocked. Yeah it may be even easier now to punish on block but knockdown on hit is so much more awesome. I really don’t have an issue with the knockback being less on block. There is always electricity.

umm you mean as a reversal?

I meant as a combo. I guess it works as a reversal in come situations though.

smk nerf? as if it was op??
anyway ill answer

Ball nerfs, and health nerf from vanilla kept in mind. I havent yet played 2012, but taking your guys word for it that it is his best due to the reversal buff.

Super Blanka is way better than Vanilla Blanka.

2012 is probably slightly better then Super blanka. Matchups are all different. Having HP ball being unstoppable by part of the cast was REALLy good in super. But then again vs abel, chun li you couldn’t upball them without eating ultra (on hit). but in ae 2012 you can do it now.

So i think overall 2012 probably is the best but super is right there, it could go either way.

Why? I mainly played vanilla, used to love the huge damage ultra

Hop and lp ball change for f.throw setups.

I’m waiting for ur new thread weekly discussion so I can learn all the setups etc I should have been using back when I played.

I’ll post it soon, I need to work on some stuff in terms of structure. I was going to make it last night and my browser crashed and I lost the thread I was working on.

Lookin forward to it, one day I’ll play again and be armed with actual tech!

Yea I can totally be wrong about that since I never actually got a chance to play Super on PC.

I like the new Blanka. received a hidden buff, it can now be used as a pretty reliable anti air. new ball knockdowns are great =)
The new cl.hold forward or back + MP (charged rockcrusher?) takes too long and high level opponents react to it wayyy before it comes out so imo that’s a useless buff.
going to try the exhoriball juggle out to see if that’s any good.

Edit: just tried exhoriball juggle. it can be fadcable into a sweep (for knockdown near you) or electricity for higher dmg knockdown, none of which is worth 3 bars for me. i tried fadc into ultras after ex horiball but i couldn’t get it out so it may not be possible. i’m not the best at execution though, so don’t take my word for it.

Overhead isn’t useless at high level play at all. BUFF now?! the only thing I can think of is maybe they buffed active frames?

for easy to use


but i like super blanka ><?? for me mayb super more balance
2012 > AE but pp cant up =.=… time to improve combo n my play style =.=’’

new overhead is awesome!

front throw, hop over, walk, meaty overhead hits everytime (thats not a frame perfect setup, it’s just what i do)! dont know why players dont block this but it is hilarious how often it hits! it’s strange that this doesnt work on able though…you get FAR st.MP instead WTF?

hmmm…i think i should walk a bit BEFORE i hop, making it a lil more ambigious