Blanka SE art (looking)


Wondering if anyone knows of any good BLank art that I could put on my SE stick. I’ve been searching but haven’t really seen anything that has really stood out to me.



i did a simple filter in PS the other day and made this, not sure if its stick quality though

also you might want to browse through the SF deviant art drawings, a lot of them are really good


goto the fan art or image mishmash thread


Shuffled over to Image Mishmash


i see u got creative with that thing


I found this pretty smexy image of Blanka, if you’d like to put it into PS and mess around with. Not a render though, it does still have the white background

Also, here some rarer pictures of other charcters, not all of them but a few.

These images are all about 1500x1500px. Just a note for anyone interested or with a low DL speed.


Could someone direct me to where I can find out how to change the artwork on the SE fightstick? I got no idea how to change it out. Yes I searched.


not hard enough, there is a whole thread on how to at Tech Talk