Blanka SSF4 Trials

I could not find a thread about Blanka’s trials other than the SF4 one. I am really having a hard time with trial 17, 19 and 20 if anyone could help me out.

17:j.hp,,rolling attack,ground shave roll - I can do the last three moves fine but when the j.hp is in i cant pull the roll attack, i cant seem to get enough charge time from the jump.

19:j.hp,clk,clk,vertical roll - i always mess up the link and then if i do get it dont cancel into vertical

20:j.hp,s.hp,ground shaver roll - This one seemed easy but I can never get the super out I know i have to charge in the air but it still seems like theres not enough time to charge.

17 & 20 - For ANY combo involving charging back with Blanka, you have to delay the ground normal (c.MK or s.HP) as far as possible to get time to charge de Ball. Additionaly you can put Dan on the corner, jump over him, and then start the combo jumping back. That way you always have a charge

19 - I can’t remember how I did it, but it seems that you cannot cancel a normal with a special if that normal already cancelled another normal. So you have to link, not chain, the 2 c.LK. Pay attention to the link and get used to ALWAYS finish the combo with Up Ball even if Dan blocks it, so you won’t be caught by surprise when the link works.

In addition to what atirador said:

Other than just delaying the ground normal, you should delay the starting jumping normals too, it helps much more for me personally.

and for 19, try delaying the up ball timing. I remember it to be pretty weird and unorthodox.

for 20 it gave me some problems too, just remember to charge while ur in the air using corner 1 and wen u land on the ground straight back 4 and from there after you throw hp just throw it out to cancel it.

I can’t get 21 or 24 still. Been working on em for quite a while.

Trial 24 took me ages to do but i got there eventually.

The problem I’m having on trial 17 is that Dan always blocks my Rolling Attack. I connect the first two hits and correctly input the Rolling Attack (Blanka Ball), but Dan always blocks the ball. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. Any advice for a noob?

24’s the only one I can’t do. I can’t seem to get the timing for the standing mp into crouching mk down.