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Blanka damage and stun data:

12 dmg, 0-5 sd, 40 st, 2 super
17 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
12 dmg, 0-5 sd, 40 st, 2 super
19/19 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
12 dmg, 0-5 sd, 40 st, 2 super
17 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
22 dmg, 10-16 sd, 80 st, 5 super
12 dmg, 0-5 sd, 40 st, 2 super
19 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
24 dmg, 10-16 sd, 80 st, 5 super
11 dmg, 0-5 sd, 40 st, 2 super
17 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
22 dmg, 10-16, 80 st, 5 super
11 dmg, 0-5 sd, 40 st, 2 super
17 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
22 dmg, 5-11 sd, 130 st, 5 super
12 dmg, 1-7 sd, 40 st, 2 super
21 dmg, 5-11 sd, 50 st, 4 super
26 dmg, 11-17 sd, 60 st, 5 super
14 dmg, 1-7 sd, 40 st, 2 super
21 dmg, 5-11 sd, 50 st, 4 super
26 dmg, 11-17 sd, 60 st, 5 super
12 dmg, 1-7 sd, 40 st, 2 super
21 dmg, 5-11 sd, 50 st, 4 super
26 dmg, 3-9 sd, 40 st, 5 super
14 dmg, 1-7 sd, 40 st, 2 super
21 dmg, 5-11 sd, 50 st, 4 super
26 dmg, 11-17 sd, 60 st, 5 super
command headbutt
18/18 dmg, 5-11 sd, 60 st, 4 super
command slide
24 dmg, 5-11 sd, 130 st, 5 super
24 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
26 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
29 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
22/24 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
24/24 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
26/26 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
11+24 dmg, 1-7 sd, 30 st
11/24 dmg, 1-7 sd, 30 st
11/24 dmg, 1-7 sd, 30 st
22 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
24 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
26 dmg, 9-15 sd, 100 st
26(28) + 4...
17 dmg, 0-4 sd, 20 st

Trivia: what’s Blanka’s missing cl.RH?

Edit: The data is the same for O.Blanka. I have added it all to the Wiki. Since it has the frame data, the stuff for Born2SPD’s images is done:
Blanka (ST) - Shoryuken Wiki
O.Blanka (ST) - Shoryuken Wiki


St.LK is one of the most godlike pokes in the game. His entire leg is completely invincible. It beats Honda headbutts and Scissor kicks and such. Likewise, you can bait a SRK with it and sweep them on their way down.


Blanka Diagram and Tourny Trends

When I first started working on this I thought I would come up with a scientific approach to character rankings. That was foolish of me. It’s the ineffability of tier lists that makes them fun to discuss! Some characters are stronger than others, but the precise order is unknowable. Good news is that a simple name change was enough to keep the ship afloat” - NH2

In this post, Nohoho compiles a list of match-up diagrams for Blanka from various sources, and presents data from actual tournaments, with a distinction between overall matches and top player matches. This is a must read for every ST fan. IMO, this is the kind of stuff which should be on the first page.

Edit: he links a couple of Japanese websites. You can use Google Translate to at least read the characters’ names and get a grasp of the rest.


Very good stuff from nohoho. Id like to see the same for gief.


Looks like both charts show Blanka to have more wins against Guile, but I remember Guile having the favorable matchup numbers. Any idea what gives?


Either it is close to fair, or Guile is more vulnerable to mistakes. I’ve seen Guile winning more recently, but it has been some time I do not see Kurahashi and D playing as Guile. The exception is some danisen ranking video, but Kurahashi used lots of characters in those rankings.


Imo it’s slightly in Blanka’s favor. Blanka can slide past through his fireballs, and has superior range on his footsies. Guile is able to to beat his fireballs, and use his jab to keep him at bay, but Blanka can easily jump on in Guile once he lost his down charge.

I believe o.guile has an easier time with this than n.guile, due to the fact that he can hold charge while throwing out Guile can win it as long as his reactions are on point and he’s able to turtle well in the corner, but if Blanka gets in once, it can get over quickly.


At mid level its in blankas favor because cr hp slide is brain dead vs guile sonic boom. But once you reach Japanese guile level, it is slightly in guiles favor because fagot turtle fortress of invincibility. Blanka bite is this matches best friend. Three bites and wrap it up, go home and make Brazilian BBQ.


That doesn’t even seem like it’s the case with the Japanese level though:

The “top player” graph includes fights amongst the following players.

Guile: Kurahashi, Muteki, ShootingD, Kikai

Then the graphic shows Blanka winning 8 and losing 7 to Guile.

That low slide/high fierce/hop bite threat against Blanka and the neutralized booms is just a real pain for me. St. lk to beat low slide doesn’t really do enough damage to matter, and st. hk seems to get stuffed by the slide half the time. I’ve had some good luck w/neutral jump mp and hp lately, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.


Well, 15 matches is not a great number, in terms of statistics. Also, top players also make mistakes. There is quite a bunch in last year’s SBO semis and finals.

Do you have a good Blanka player nearby, so you can practice? Blanka is much more dangerous online. His bullshit becomes much harder to apply offline, and even more against top notch reflexes. His slide is also easier to block.

Guile has a few more tools in that match, BTW: his donkey kick stuffs a number of Blanka’s pokes, including the slide, and neutral jumping Forward beats most Blanka’s air attacks.

Finally, two things: the original table from that sorta recent Arcadia diagram had different colors to show agreement of lackthereof. We do not know if players actually agreed or not. And the last thing: even though Otochun is clearly the one with the best tournament record, Komoda is regarded as the best player by many.* Even when we consider top level competition, there is still skill difference.

*XSPR asked a few players - from Tokyo? - about this, you can see it in his interview, which is in this section.


Unfortunately, no Blanka players in the immediate area. :frowning:


Hello, this is my first posting in this thread; I hope my advice (whether reposted or not) will help you in your challenging (bad) matchups!

PROTIP #1: Learn to walk-up and block–It took me awhile to get this into my head, but your opponent will start doing crazy things when you aren’t jumping as much anymore. This is great in forcing a misread from them and handing you that knockdown that will change the match.

PROTIP #2: Now you’ve mastered the walk-up and block, one of blanka’s secret tools to winning. The next secret tool is his jump-in. Yeah that sounds really obvious and key to winning matches. However, when you get those few jump-ins from a good read on the opponent (after walk-blocking), COMMIT and FOLLOWTHROUGH! There are many times when I messed up a combo attempt when I thought my jump-in would eat a reversal/AA.

PROTIP #3: So now you can beast with combos, and getting into the opponents face. What else can you do just being outside your opponent’s sweep range? I like to do c.MK whiff and scare them from throwing out a footsie; but at this point they are conditioned to think you will do a c.RH to sweep/nasty jump-in combo attempt/hop shenanigans. This is a variation of #1… walk-up and bite!! Yes you’ve seen Komoda and Co. do this one before, but you need to really mess with your opponents head with this one! He has such a huge grab range, you won’t believe you’ll get away with this one once you master it! Just walk forward a little bit and tap HP, and blanka will help himself to some tasty damage! you might get a standing fierce but thats okay too; it definitely adds to blanka’s psych out meter.


Does anyone know if Blanka’s short kick up-close knee is considered a grounded move or off the ground? I’m trying to confirm some new stuff but I need a answer to this.


Both Short and Forward versions are grounded.


How can I confirm this? I need visual proof.


Two ways to confirm:
1- Do it as a meaty against someone and with the other character try to time a reversal throw (blanka will be thrown) or rog’s reversal super (you’ll notice that blanka will eat all hits without being put into a juggle state, which is what would happen if blanka were in the air).
2- Throwableboxes are white -> means that blanka is in the ground.


I’m curious what the idea was?

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Instead of me telling you, I will show you soon.

Check back on this thread. I have something special in the works. :slight_smile:


Here are some blanka mindgames after knocking down opponent in the center screen blocked or not.

  1. Meaty cross up light kick, bite
    2)Meaty cross up light kick, close standing MP
    3)Meaty cross up light kick, down mk x2 ,fierce blanka ball.
    4)Meaty cross up light kick,down mk,3k hop forward to the other side, down mk, roundhouse vertical blanka ball. (this is to confuse blockers.)
  2. Meaty cross up light kick, 3k hop to the other side,bite.
  3. Meaty cross up light kick, down mk ,3k hop to the other side,close standing MP , bite or forward MP (2 hits for combo )


mindfuck tricks from blanka

1)in center screen standing point blank against knocked down opp…as he is about to wake up …3 kicks hop to the otherside and bite…or do close standing medium punch and followed by closeforward medium punch ( some characters might not connect with close forward medium punch ,so subsitute it with close stand fierce or crouch fierce or down medium kick or down medium punch to combo)

  1. 3k hop to the other side just when opponent is getting up, do close standing medium punch and 3k hop to the other side and mix it up according to your imagination…hahaha…