Blanka trial 24 help

I just cannot for the life of me get the H roll to come out after S.lp, I’m starting my charge immediately after pressing Am I just not quick enough or is there some trick to doing this type of thing easier?

Combo is
S. Mp
C. Mk
S. Lp
H forward roll

When you jump in, hold up-back. After you land the HK, do MP and quickly go to down-back and perform the rest. This should give you enough charge time. Just be sure you hit S. Mp before you jump again, and be sure to go to down-back after S. Mp so you don’t jump afterwards. Also, these sort of question should go in to the Simple Questions thread. Not mad, we just like to keep the good threads on the front page instead of a million separate threads.

There is a thread for questions like this, and the answer in one of the stickies.

“Normally you aren’t able to hold charge while doing a close MP, however if you are holding upback during landing recovery and hit MP you get a close MP instead of a rockcrusher. This allows for easier links and for some combos that aren’t normally possible to be possible.” - Ves

You can actually do this combo without the upback mp trick(I do it after focus attacks when I want meter or when I frame trap st.strong), but it certainly makes it way easier.

Yeah I performed this trial without that trick but it was brutally difficult, the trick makes it a lot easier