Blanka Video Thread



Nishikin here, but i don’t know where exactly :


Guy’s can be really annoying yes, very similar to Dictator’s but T SRAI has dropped a lot of meaties/traps/links, it seems it was laggy or something… because after blocked elec, you can bait mashing and beat it and on meaties, if you don’t fail it, you can’t be hit by him.

First matchs were good but after that, T SRAI really played poorly and that Guy was not great, really.


Yeah well online of course is going to be a problem… The bigger problem is trying to find a Guy player offline and actually practice this stuff. To this day I don’t think i’ve played 1 single Guy offline. Only played in NJ NY tho so maybe there’s just none in this area.

It was tough for me to even get close at all to that Guy player because if I came near, crouch tech came out… And it’s so fast it’s tough to counter poke…

Need more experience in the match up I guess.


awoo awooooo awooooooooo!!! Critique please.


I stopped watching after the random ultra at 1:17

It’s like watching my own games, it’s painful and there’s so many layers of bad and wrong things happening at the same time that it’s almost impossible to dissecate the match

I’m sorry…


It wasnt a random ultra, I was aiming to “wiff punish” a poke but he threw a light (I was expecting a medium attack), @ 4:49 I got it when he wiffed a crMK. anyway thanks for helping


responding that you had to stop watching after a particular part is far more terrible then the worst blanka in the world posting a video of his game asking for advice. The guy wants to improve and that is your response? i don’t understand the internet sometimes. It’s not hard to critique at all…

ugo_2u your spacing needs improvement. there is a distance where you can jump over booms and you won’t get AA mid air, just use j.MP. You’re too far from him. Also you try to slide when you aren’t even close it shows that you need improvement in understanding your distances. Also when you get a knockdown you try a hop crossup electricity. Just do a a good solid crossup which he can’t do anything about. Hop crossing for electricity can be reversaled as shown in the vid. You jump in on guile on his wakeup and are getting flash kicked which shouldn’t happen. Also there was a point where you were in close and you decided to hop backwards. Why? you have a 3 frame fs.LP just poke and stay close.

At one point you rainbow ball on his wakeup this confuses me lol, i assume wrong inputs? you slide too often, you have the wrong jump angles, you are trying to predict movement in situations were reactionary is better. Then you have the lead and you go for U1 after a throw. Really risky… you have lead and a throw knockdown.

the biggest biggest problem is that you just need huge improvements on your distances. You’re just out of position all the time and if you improved that you’d win more for sure. You don’t do enough electricity strings which is probably 2ndary at this point. Up your spacing game.


Let’s just agree to disagree about that

But the thing is, I don’t think that he really expected us to take this seriously.

But props to you for being a better person than I am (and I’m not being sarcastic)


Thanks, I’m quite new @ blanka. Will work on my spacing. Couldnt resist the ultra after throw lol! One question what are blanka anti air options? I know of crMP njHP and up ball and slide. I’m still not great at shocking but I will try. Thank you


Your way of thinking amuses me. Why would I bother to paste a match if I am not expecting responses?


Taken from your video description:

Enough of links, combos, setups and gimmicks and styling, time for the ANIMAL to get into the mix. awoooooooooooooooooo!

And on the video you just do every possible random attack during the match, slides all day long, random ultra, random balls, etc

My conclusion was that you were just trolling with Blanka, like those Ken players that keep doing shoryuken all the time, so there was very little anyone could do to help you.

And it’s even worse if you seriously think that’s how you should play with Blanka (if you meant what you said in the description).

If you wanna learn how to play with any character, start by watching good players playing it, analyse how they use moves (like slide) and stop trying to guess what your opponent will do everytime with random slides and ultra.

Anyway, If I was mistaken about your intentions, I sincerely apologize. :smiley:




That’s the spirit! :wink:




My advice is to use more real oki setups. Blanka can do an unblockable off back throw against Guile. You also have a 4 frame safe jump which will get you that Ultra punish you want if your opponent flash kicked and didn’t FADC it. Blanka can go ham with crossups on characters with bad reversals sometimes, but when you’re dealing with characters with 3 or 4 frame reversals you need to get some sort of knockdown first.

Check the oki thread Ves posted, its great.

Guile vs Blanka is in Blanka’s favor, slide goes cleanly under booms and the unblockable is easy free damage. Don’t throw out slide randomly. Also if you’re going to go for meaty electricity do xx FP Electricity, doing it any other way is way too risky.

Also although that music is awesome (do you have a link to it? haha) its pretty distracting imo. Just a nitpick though. Maybe don’t include in the next video because audio is important for matches in my opinion. Save the music for when you have a compilation of you bodying fools. :slight_smile:

One last thing, saying “I stopped watching because it was terrible” in response to a guy that’s brand new with a character makes you a doucheo supremo. Please show me the person who was proficient with any character the moment they started playing*? Nobody ever has been, so keep the shitty attitude to yourself.

*Cammy doesn’t count.


Standing HP & HK are pretty good too, especially HP for me against far jumps, close/far HK against close jumps is good but your best anti air against cross ups is neutral jump HP and LK Upball. Be careful with slide, if the opponent doesn’t land an air move, he can block your slide so don’t use it that much… and some things beat it like dive kicks etc… and EX Upball is a perfect anti air but it’s one EX and you have some great normal anti airs.

Overall, i agree with foxisquick : you need to improve your spacing, it’s the most important thing with Blanka i think. Against Guile, the best range is where you react against his booms with a slide and poke him with far pokes like cr.HP/stand HP (stand HP is AWESOME, try it!! Lol), to have that range, just one thing : walk forward, just walk. Don’t do random things punishable like hop or jumps etc… and sometimes, you will be slightly outside of this range, depending of what your opponent is doing. Jump MP is the best jump against Guile yes, well spaced, it beats or trade his ground anti airs and completely beats his air throw so use it a lot.

On wake up, use real wake up setups yes and after slide, try to use some ambigus cross ups or bait random flash kick and punish. Try to learn these setups against Guile and all 4f reversals :

And of course, the unblockable :

My personnal advice if your opponent mash the back dash : try to use an option select like slide, very effective and easy to use.

I think too Blanka vs Guile is in Blanka’s favor but slightly, something like 5.5-4.5… so, it’s not that bad after watching your video, i watched more terrible Blanka/videos and no shame to be bad, especially when you are a beginner.

Oh and a last thing : on your wake up, don’t use elec, even EX elec man : this move doesn’t have any invincible frame or something like that, terrible to use on wake up… your reversals are : EX Upball & EX Rainbow Ball.


Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the help and advice. Will try to work on my spacing and reduce the jumping or make it safe. But one question is it ok to sometimes go nuts and throw caution to the wind? And can I AA with Ultra 1 since the first frame is 4 frames


Against Guile you pretty much never want to go nuts unless time is running out and he has a big lifelead. The way you ultimately win that match is with slow steady play grinding him out over time intermixed with unblockables, overhead, and safe jumpins. Blanka can generate too much frame advantage, nullify Guile’s zoning game way too well, and in general just put Guile into too many bad positions where he has to guess. The matchups where you want to go kind of nuts in are the bad ones because if you play the matchup straight up you’ll just end up losing.

Blanka has a lot of good anti airs, in fact he has so many you don’t even use a lot of them very often because something else can usually do the same job pretty effectively. I would practice character specific anti-air timing/spacing. I think nj.hp,,, and far hp are the best, but, far mp, st.lp, electricity, upball, cr.hp, and horizontal ball all have a use here and there in specific matchups.

Foxisquick touched on vs. Guile, but didn’t go too in depth. You can and beat his aa’s very effectively including air throw because of how far back the throwable box is. This allows you to bully Guile by forcing him to block the jumpin and then he has to deal with either a bit of elec pressure or you can force him to deal with a normal vs. karathrow mixup because you’ll be outside of his range to tech a normal throw if you do max range If you frametrap in this scenario and land a counterhit you can link to sweep and put Guile in a high/low mixup for minimal effort, and if he fails to tech the b.throw you can get an easy unblockable.

On your u1 question, u1 doesn’t get to a good traditional AA hitbox till late in the animation so if you want to use it as a traditional AA(with it’s nerfed AA hitbox :[ ) you have to do it pretty early. However because it is 4 frames and also very invincible it is a great AA against messed up safejumps. If someone has to manually time which happens because of Blanka’s messed up wakeup timing, and they are 1f off you can get a free ultra. This is really useful against characters like Yun or Rufus who will try things like meaty crossup divekick on your wakeup, which you can auto correct ultra. Even if the divekick is late you can just delay the ultra and still get it. Against Rufus this can be invaluable because he has a lot of setups that make reversals whiff but you can still late ultra him. In a lot of situations it’s worth buffering the inputs, eyeballing if your opponent’s jumpin is not a safejump, then you just hit PPP and blow them up if it isn’t.


I really miss the vanilla U1 =[


2012 blanka with vanilla u1, super hop, super balls, super ex rainbow range, and 2012 original loctest ex upball where it always had the anti air type knockdown that you can safejump off of and also had the old recovery/distance on block.