Blanka Video Thread



I didn’t know about the hitbox AA nerf, i just know the nerf about ambigus/cross up after throw was nerfed, much more easy to see a cross up.


Don’t forget the 2012 damage buff for horizontal balls

As far as I know the hitbox for the first ground attack was nerfed or maybe it was the number of active frames on that first hit that was reduced, or even both

I can’t remember exactly, but I know that U1 was much more effective as an AA and now you need to be extremely precise on the timing to hit the opponent on landing frames (trip guard).




nice play by nishikin


That second round ambig, hahah!


Good shit from Nishikin, that’s the most solid play I’ve seen from him in a while.


Nishikin did win that match posted, but there is a second match uploaded by the same user and Bon Chan destroys him



Wow, this match is painful to watch… he litteraly kills all options Nishikin has, and slowly push him in the corner to the death…


Bonchan is a monster destroyer. Makes me want to play sagat when i see him in action.


Probably the best Sagat in the world right now.


I hear he wears one of those electrode equipped groin attachments that goes off when the opponent walks within ‘safely jump over tigershot’ range.


Lot of nishikin including a mirror vs. taku, dunno if this is already on youtube or w/e but it got linked to me yesterday and it was worth watching in general.

nishikin’s matches start at 7 minutes in


^ Interesting to see Taku using taunt #6 to time the low forward reset after lvl 3 focus. Makes me wonder about the frame data of taunts overall, seems like they could be used to time stuff.

I liked the first game vs Sakura, Nishikin showing good patience. High level Evil Ryu seems like a hard match, dude just hits like a truck


Nishikin made a lot of mistakes, hard to judge off of one game. The thing is that e.ryu isn’t supposed to really get a lot of chances to hit you, but nishikin gave him free damage repeatedly.


Taku is on arcade though - if he was a console player, I’m sure he would turn off taunt to plink U1 like a lot of us do.


Looking for match critique. This is from a tournament yesterday against a Sagat:

Very beginning of stream. The first match I lost and that was not recorded which is why it ends when he wins the second one.

I think I should really use U2 in this matchup. Other than feedback is appreciated. And before anyone gives me shit, I didn’t intentionally pick Alt 3. I wasn’t paying attention to what costume Blanka had.


Nishikin’s first match against Juso was good. Why can’t he play like that more often?

So psyched to see the taunt at the start of the mirror against Taku too hahah. I lose it every time I see that.


Woot here it is!!!


Riceata vs Infiltration! Took for ever!! Proud to play blanka?


I played Fchamp throughout the weekend I really think this match up is 5.5-4.5 for blanka or closer to a 6-4. The whole time I’m playing him i was wasted with no sleep and been standing/working 16-18hr days at Canada Cup.


Won a set then got bodied the next set. $100 2/3
Lost the 1 round $200
Lost the first set $900 drinking a shot b4 every match 5-2
2nd set he puked b4 we got to finish the set 4-3 for him.


Being drunk and playing sf just doesnt work well…
Being drunk and play sim is just impossible…
So there shouldnt be any matchup conclusions