Blanka Video Thread



I liked the cross over overhead into ball combo, that was pretty cool.


It’s been over a decade since I’ve discovered that “having fun” it’s not the same as “getting drunk”, but maybe I’m just old and cranky. :smiley:

Nice matches anyway.


I’m trying to get the Newbie video thread back on track and there are two videos from Blanka players in there that could use some advice.

There is also another Fightstick being given away as a prize for the most helpful poster.


Bait into U2, I’ve been whoring that for the last year; Against anyone who throws a projectile, except maybe Guile. Nice games. Nice money.


It seems Yogaflame04 and most of others famous uploaders love to upload only shitties Blanka’s matchs… fucking scrubs who hate Blanka, i hate them.


this is unfortunately very true


mizoteru vs cammy about 30 mins in


I hate that matchup


Some JP Blankas. Only one worth watching is Mizoteru:


Jyobin get destroyed by Mizoteru ah ah.


My favorite part was the three LP Blanka balls in a row at the end of the first match!


Last 2 matches were painful to watch. Blanka flowchart is just one word: hop

And why is nobody except mizo using the overhead?
I seriously think it is blanka’s best move


Because mizo is good. LOL

I know i should use it more myself.


Yeah, i seeing him using overhead/fake overhead setups, nice to see that.


that sasuke blanka has no idea how to fight deejay -_-

Taku uses overhead quite well btw, he uses every setup I have in the oki thread.


It’s been a long time i have not see a match of Taku.


yeah he’s not playing much at all sadly.


Could I get some feedback on this match? I lost against a Vega player and would like some tips on how to play this matchup better.


Cross-up ultra rarely works anymore, its always cross up and almost never ambiguous.

  1. Your spacing seemed to be off, like really badly. Random low rh from far away. low rh is especially bad because its punishable on block. When i play this match, I pretend I have three buttons, standing jab, low short, low mk, and sometimes standing strong but not really. sometimes standing fp too, but too slow and loses to vega low mp. Pretend that low mp, low fp, and low rh dont exist, all are punishable on block.

  2. When vega does off the wall stuff, you have two options. One, jump back and fierce, will hit him before he gets to the wall and its free damage. If you are too slow for that, you have several options. Mash on electricity, will zap him unless he grabs really late, OR, just go into coward crouch, let him whiff, and then hop. He can break the throw after the hop, but you can also do jab~elec and start pressure. Best option is to hit him with the jump back fierce, but there are other things to do other than block.

  3. If you want to lose, keep doing random ex-upball.

I wrote a ton of stuff on this elsewhere, so im not gonna go into detail. But it felt like you played scared, and had no idea what to do. You are a wall in this match, vega has a hard time doing tick damage, and his kara throw can be seen from a mile away. Get in his face, do jab elec, and use the + frames from elec to fuck with vegas mind. Test if you can jump on vega, especially when he commits to his pokes, that gives you the window to get in with a cross up mk into elec setups.

You basically had no close game, and didnt know how to deal with the medium/far range game. From far range, just bid your time till you get get the opportunity to get in when u are at advantage, then use frame traps and kara throws to fuck vega up.

Its not an easy match, so more often than not its ok to just relax and keep distance from vega. He might get impatient and start doing stupid shit.


max range sweep is safe vs. vega, but it’s really hard to get that positioning.

but yeah basically everything josh said is spot on.