Blanka Video Thread



Thanks a lot for the feedback, its very appreciated. The EX balls were trying to hit Vega out of wall dive, but I now know that it is a really bad idea.


I agree with ves, but I really want to emphasize how bad it is to try to actually do max range low rh. Vega’s walk speed is really fast, and more than likely you will whiff, meaning at least a vega low mp, and perhaps a lot lot more. Forget it even exists. Stand jab, low short, low mk, thats pretty much all the pokes you got. Use hop/positioning to get in the right range where those pokes are effective. Even standing mp is just too slow for this match, so perhaps its ok after an elec for a frametrap, but other than that…nope.

Honestly, I know this match really well. I’ve played many a vega who I have taught the match too, plus some crazy vegas from off island they came here thinking they would beat blankas ass, none have ever beaten me 2/3. Not saying I would always win this matchup in a tourney setting, but in a first to 10, im really fricken confident. I’m sorry i haven’t recorded anything for people, usually its arcade, and frankly im just bad with that shit. Assuming this conference goes off next year, I will be showing up to Texas near university of texas, perhaps I can get something going with that arcade there.

It also doesnt hurt that my other main character is vega…might have something to do with my analysis. :smiley:


It should be very interesting to watch you against Vega Josh, i always feel this match-up is even, i don’t know why.


I agree that its even. It really depends on who takes better advantages of their opportunities, knows how to create opportunities and exploit them, etc. At the highest of levels, thats what the game comes down to. Below that, its really does the blanka use punishable moves, does vega not anti-air, etc. Once you get past the stupid stuff, the high level mind game is kinda ridiculous, even if it just looks like two characters moving back and forth on the screen and not much happening, which is really what the match should look like.

Actually, hold up. there is a match of me playing this on the internet, though I admit its not steller play. Let me see if I can find it.

EDIT: Ugh. I can see the match in my mind, but it seems the video isnt on our hawaii twitch station. I feel likeits missing a tournament. Spent too much time looking already, if I find it, i’ll post it.


agree with Josh… if possible… you should avoid c.HK against Vega at all time… even if at max range against Vega it’s safe… it’s not worth doing… because of his walk speed and the fact if you fuck up not making it at max range he hits you so hard for doing it.



Are they any notable matches of Blanka vs Vega I should be watching?


Not much unfortunately, i remember this old match :


But in this video, T SRAI jump so much on this Claw… even if Claw doesn’t have “great” AAs, he still has some decent tools like his air throw, his neutral jump roundhouse etc… so you can’t jump so much on him. Only moderate and not predictable.

Things i hate against Claw : his huge pushback making so much things whiff and also, eating a damn crouching strong after a blocked focus lvl 2 forward dash to…

Btw, i wonder if overhead ball combos is safe against him if he has U2 on stock.



Nishikin VS 666 (Yang) & dath (Viper), nothing special here but it’s been a long time i didn’t find matchs from him.




Great match!


Just wondering, why did you choose to do 3x cr.LK instead of cr.MK into Ultra after the crumple?


you blocked a bunch of rekkas in the corner with charge and didn’t reversal ultra. connection not that good? You don’t seem to be confident to punish his bad rekkas, which he’s doing a lot of.

nice link to finish it though.


Awesome, Octopus! That was a sweet forward hop to upball finishing the 2nd round.


st.lp xx lp ball is a safeball if you miss the punish timing at a max punish range rekka.




Some Blanka action against Gen, nothing special but a counter hit into ultra.


Sorry for the quality.




Thank you everyone for posting vids!

The balrog was pretty ass though :frowning:


Yes, that Boxer was baaaaad but anyway, thanks for posting it.

Mizoteru is #3 with 123489 BP, 70%, he seems to play a lot now.

Taku has stopped to play since a long time, his points has not moved.

Nishikin is first with 210169 BP.

And Utemasuka is #4 with 103173 BP.

4 great Blanka. I don’t know who are others except coop.


#8 is nocturnal rites, he plays on psn, he’s ummm “random”

I’ve seen shin shoga play, super gimmicky.

kaa I’ve only seen play vs. cammy, too hard to judge a player off of that one match.

would like to see the others play for sure though.


Don’t think that Boxer new the matchup. He was doing combos that don’t work on Blanka, and when Mizo did that random U1 he could have just press cr.hp to beat it.