Blanka Video Thread



On Nuki’s game night that he streams with Kokujin, Uryo was played a few different characters, including Blanka. I don’t know how to embed Nico vids but you can see it here:


I really need some feedback on the Ryu matchup. I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I keep losing to Ryu players:

Here are some matches from a tournament yesterday. Ryu beat me once to send me into losers and then beat me again (the Ryu ended up taking second overall). first match is here, beginning at 1:39:00.

Second match is here at 1:01:55

Thanks guys.


the commentator already said what you should do. get the life-lead and than sit on it!
problem is, you never got the life lead :frowning:
that was a very good ryu who knew the matchup and it looked like you had no idea what to do…

you did many bad slides and you didnt capitalize on the onces that hit.
you dropped combos (j.HK, cr.LK into…nothing…)
you punished poorly (cr.HP on a blocked SRK??? he could have punished you on your hit)
you didn’t block obvious stuff

here is what i do:
ryu does what ryus do and that is throwing fireballs. “smart” ryus know that blanka can slide so they try to bait a slide and focus it.
my gameplan is to capitalize on this. i let him throw fireballs and jump over them so i land close to him, but out of his poking range.
if he moves forward, poke, but dont brake your backcharge! you landed a lot of LP pokes vs him and you should have canceled them into ball for getting the lead.
if ryu backs of (moving to the corner) he will eventually do a focus to catch your slide. you should have charge so let him eat a ball as soon as he tries to focus anything. his backdash won’t save him from getting hit.
Oh and try out how ryu deals with MP-Ball! for some reason a lot of ryus don’t like to punish them on block so blanka can bully them with it!

I would use U2…always funny how low life ryus panic :smiley:

that’s just how I play the matchup! play safe and get the life lead! than sit it out and punish stupid stuff


If players are focusing to bait a slide when they see you walk foward, hop forward and do st.lp xx elect or grab them (the latter doesn’t work on Abel).


walk forward st.jab xx hop through the focus is also great


As always thanks for the feedback guys. Might start uploading some more Blanka stuff to my own YouTube channel for critique if you guys don’t mind.


Oh another note about the Ryu matchup(or other fireball matchup)

Do a whiffed random slide/max range safe random slide to bait focus as your opponent thinks you are just guess sliding. This will make them start focus backdashing themselves to the corner, and you can also punish the focus with the methods mentioned in the above posts. This can also induce your opponent to throw bad fireballs thinking that you are just sliding “randomly” and then you can just punish and go to work.


Anyone know where to get footage of this match?


Well, i think they are going to upload the matches soon, as it says on the blog.


What kind of oki, or more specifically, what should you be doing after you land a slide on Ryu? It seems like anything I try to go for afterwards gets DPed. I feel like when fighting Ryu you need to be baiting DPs a lot because unless you land a forward throw you don’t have a surefire setup that’s going to guarantee you don’t get hit by a DP, then FADC Ultrated for big damage.


I do mullah shimmy after landing a slide on ryu generally. Or if I feel frisky walk forward overhead/fake overhead. You don’t get safe setups after a slide on most characters.


Made another quick tutorial showing how charge characters can punish ex psycho crusher on block. quite useful after a safe jump.


Kokujin vs Nero-tan FT5


Have you guys seen Nishikin - Daigo? Daigo plays the 2nd and 3rd round like a computer holding forward with autoblock on. Pretty damn scary to play a Ryu that aggressive and precise.

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Nishikin VS Mago and Daigo.


vs a friend


NM, apologize for 3 posts. How to delete a post on these new forums?


NM, apologize for 3 posts. How to delete a post on these new forums?


Darkos has terrible decision making and is apparently allergic to unblockables.


lots of taku.