Blanka Video Thread



what’s mullah shimmy?



sweep/slide walk forward, then walk back sweep. puts you out of range for dp to be fadcable, and will beat up on techs. Mullah used to use it a lot so thats what someone started calling it.


oh i c… didn’t know that was called the Mullah Shimmy… it’s definitely a big part of my game… sometimes i use it after forward throw, LP ball, mullah shimmy



After f.throw I find that blanka’s offensive game really opens up so I tend to go for more structured setups because the potential reward is much higher. Off of a slide or a sweep against a character with a strong reversal your options are more limited.


I have a lot of recorded gameplay of mine that I would like to get critique on. Would you guys rather have me post it here or in a separate thread? Basically where would I get the most feedback posting this stuff?


Vs. fei both of you don’t understand each other’s frame data. You keep doing sweeps which he isn’t punishing, and you keep not punishing unsafe rekkas. You are also being too aggressive with jumping/hopping and the like. It’s really hard to judge this match because you are both playing it really wrong, so you can take advantage of each other’s bad play with him not punishing sweep or AAing. You definitely need more safeballs to control space though, you keep backing up and giving him the screen.

vs. ryu you’re still playing way too fast. Blanka has control of the match until ryu has super, but you keep trying to just do stuff instead of just slowing it down and playing a simple game of punishing and playing safe. Once again though your opponent doesn’t know whats safe/unsafe so you’re getting away with murder, and your opponents are reinforcing your bad habits by not making you pay for playing incorrectly. Also I don’t think I saw you punish a single sweep on whiff or block.

vs. guile you miss a lot of easy punishes. You’re letting him throw booms, you aren’t whiff punishing even against huge stuff like whiffed flashkicks(this should be kara hop, kara backthrow to unblockable). You’re never in the right spot. You have to jump because you aren’t putting yourself in position to slide booms, you keep getting out of position because you keep refusing to actually be in slide range for whatever reason, then in the middle of the set you play in that range, then in the end you stop again.

Overall advice:

HIT YOUR COMBOS. If you can’t hit your combos just do jab/short xx elec the damage difference isn’t huge. Also end combos in elec not ball. Ball combos are bad unless your option is ball or nothing.

DO YOUR SETUPS. You keep messing up when you get a knockdown, or you do the wrong throw(f.throwing guile) or the wrong knockdown(slide instead of sweep vs. ryu after focus backdash). You can’t just get a knockdown then be so flustered looking. Your inputs are all over the place post knockdown.

BLOCK. you get hit by so much stuff that makes 0 sense because you never actually bait reversals and when you do you don’t punish for crap.

USE YOUR FRAME ADVANTAGE. after a blocked electricity you don’t use your frame advantage. you just end up pushing yourself out and not getting anything. Mixup more between extra reps of jab xx elec, kara throw, sweep, and st.fierce.

JUMP AND HOP LESS. it’s dumb.

PAY ATTENTION IN FOOTSIES. you’re in the wrong spot because you choose to hold your charge for no reason.

PLAY BETTER PLAYERS. If you keep playing players who reinforce your bad habits you can’t really improve. This is the most important piece, you should be losing every single round but you aren’t because people aren’t punishing you.


Some matchs with Gagapa vs Mizoteru and Eita which came France for Stunfest Tournament.


Have a strong bison player staying with me this week, so it’s interesting to see this matchup between these two players after playing multiple long sets of this every day since monday.

Learning some stuff but can see areas where both can improve. Gagapa needs to a better job punishing (focus) backdash with st.forward/roundhouse, and mizoteru needs to stop giving Bison the corner for free. Both also need to be more aware of whiff punish spacing. Gagapa is letting Mizoteru whiff elec/ball way too much, while Mizoteru should realize that Gagapa is jumping from ranges that aren’t safe so he needs to be aaing instead of focus backdashing.


The full casual in france is there :


Sorry for the bad quality with no sound…


Thanks dude!

Man I missed so many jab punishes, I fucking hate ps3


Only played a few codys before, what were you supposed to have punished with jab?

I thought you played that really well. Blanka can’t open people up


criminal upper is jab punishable, missed a few times.


damn no juri vs blanka vids for pages on end.
i know blanka eats up juri for free but really now.

also why no blanka art thread?


@ ves

punishing with jab is risky, because
the window is small
cancel into elec will wiff mostly
and cancel into ball won’t knock down mostly so u get punished

IMO it’s just not worth it

you tried to ball him a lot…didnt work out well…did you aim for a certain safeball range?

the super was kinda cool and i never saw far MP, cr.LP, st.LP before…even cooler if you would have canceled it, but oh wait…it’s cody

@ axl_master

WTF is that avatar???


The window is small but I punish boxer dash straights and fei rekkas with jabs and it’s a much smaller window. You just have to optimize with this character. If you don’t do the hard stuff you might as well not play Blanka.

The safeball stuff was basically momochi knowing the safeball ranges as well as I do, and manipulating them really well especially when he had meter by changing the size of his hurtbox on purpose. He’s an incredibly resourceful player.


Finally got a Avermedia LGP. Im going to be uploading some videos for critique a lot more often



I’m pretty bad at this game, but I did manage to play on stream in my area’s last monthly. I hardly ever play against Rufus, so I wasn’t really sure what to do here. Any feedback is appreciated.


Hard to say because this rufus is playing wrong. You need to hit less heavy normals to prevent being divekicked on, be willing to take more throws, and safeball more though.

Also you throw rufus and don’t do an unblockable. You don’t really take advantage of your knockdowns in general. Rufus has a ridiculously slow reversal, take advantage of it. You hit aa upballs then back off repeatedly when it’s a free safejump every single time.

You need to work on doing electricity consistently too. What is your current method?

I’ll update the Rufus matchup thread with my gameplan actually, I need to put all my notes on paper before evo anyways.