Blanka Video Thread



I defiantly have a bad habit of using Blanka’s heavy normals to frequently and played too timidly due to lack of matchup experience. When I electricity, I usually piano lp, mp, lp, mp and then whatever button strength I want to use.


You can’t piano for crap so either practice more or switch to sliding(which helps a lot vs. divekick characters).

Against rufus st.jab and st.strong are your buds. You can buffer eletricity during the whiffs, and they also stuff divekicks pretty solidly, or allow you to whiff and still block. Resist heavy normals, the risk:reward is no good and sf is all about maximizing your risk:reward.


Dude that elec technique is holding you back. Slide or piano is much faster and reliable than the ol’ 2 step u got going on haha.


I feel like you jump too much especially against the rufus match up…
Also you like to use EX Ball too much as well… i really don’t think it’s a good choice especially against Ibuki… and it’s definitely a bad option to use during wake up.

Learning to do electricity will help you a lot…

against Rufus… you should try doing LP Ball… works pretty well for him especially if you can get it at the tip… he can’t really do much about it… and if you land short buffering into electricity will make it much harder for him to do anything against you.

I also feel like when you play you don’t really have much of a game plan… as in you’re not really aware of your opponent and his character’s strength and weakness and what your options are…

here’s an example…you can use LP ball to test him… if he blocks the LP ball and doesn’t do the correct way to try to punish you… maybe you can venture more and do MP ball and see if he knows how to block punish you… sometimes just because a character CAN block punish you doesn’t mean the player can…

It’s like… just because i’m using U2 with blanka doesn’t make me able to do U2 to beat out all projectiles thrown at me even if i do have the charge…

Other stuff like… knowing your opponent’s wake up habit can help if h loves to EX messiah kick there’s different counters blanka can do to beat it…




I don’t know why nishikin is hopping, and what the ryu is worried about after blocking a close range, why isn’t he just mashing backdash or something?


well i think he just didn’t think about backdashing… and probably didn’t wanna give Blanka more room out from the corner…

as for nishikin hopping around… no idea… i thought it was dumb…

overall I thought the match was pretty horrible… the other guy didn’t even know how to block ultra 1 which should be like week 1 info from vanilla… then nishikin just letting go twice… when he could’ve done massive damage… although i understand he probably didn’t expect it to hit… but still it doesn’t take any reactions to get those extra hits.

also… i feel like he held onto the super unnecessarily long… i understand in the end he connected the super but i nearly wanna say he got lucky there…

overall i feel it’s a pretty bad match (lack knowledge and bad choice for defense for both sides) … the only thing i liked was how he did jumping MP for air to air…


PS: recently been playing more online thinking about maybe uploading some match… but still trying to find a suitable match because there’s definitely some lag… and half the time the opponent anti-blanka is mediocre even when they are A ranked.


We havent had a tournament in a long time, but we had one tonight. I did fairly well. Only blanka on the stream.

Numerous fights, whenever u see blanka its me, just skip through it. Rusty, but the fundamentals are there.


Shockingly (sarcasm here) the video has been deleted. Usually happens when I win a tourney. Thats hawaiian aloha for you. Lolz.


taku playing at godsgarden
best of 3 matches

vs Dark Flame Master (Akuma) starts 3:35 hours
vs KoujiKOG (T.Hawk) starts 4:22 hours
vs YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim) starts 4:44 hours



Nice, taku is awesome.


yeah, the f. throw > whiff jump HP > overhead , U1 setup was nice


Yeah he usually does f.throw, jf, whiff, overhead.

The j.hp setup requires a delay, but also lets you do other stuff.


My go to ultra setup is f. throw whiff cr. lk -> empty jump forward -> overhead. For most matchups, it beats out crouch techs. Never knew that taku does the same thing in a diff order.


if you’re frame perfect it beats anything that isn’t invincible


I guess some of you probably watched this already, but since nobody posted yet, here it goes:

GODSGARDEN GATE - Online Tournament with Taku:


Kim Legend at South Korea National Finals:

Poor decision making IMO. At least I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what to do against Akuma dive kick hehe. I should really figure that shit out.


s.HK works well against akuma’s dive kick… like the first two dive kicks infiltration was using against kim
if he’s more above you hopping over and sweeping him on landing is another option




my scrubby blanka. critique pleasse