Blanka Video Thread



I actually find your Blanka quite alright, I like how you didn’t rely on charging at all and kept yourself moving… which to me is one of Blanka’s strong points…

here’s a few points you might wanna consider…

  1. jump in MK, cl.MP, s.LP xx electricity isn’t a good combo to use especially against skinnier characters… it’s very range dependent and most likely wouldn’t land… if you end it with EX electricity it makes the combo much more reliable… but I see that you were doing this in the end… imo… if you don’t wanna use ex… either take out the cl.MP and keep it simple/scrubby or you can do ball combos… or you can simply cancel electricity from something like cr.MK

  2. In general I feel like the places you put yourself doing random slides is very high risk and low rewards… if you watch the video again… outside of going under chun li’s fireball… you’re more or less punished every time… some characters and players can punish you really really hard for it… imo… i wouldn’t usually do ‘random slides’ unless i know it’s gonna hit at the very very tip where you’re generally safe… (and might even get frame advantage in some scenarios)

Everything else I feel like is pretty decent, I could nit pick more like certain wake up options etc but i think it’s unnecessary.

so keep it up



Thanks man for the critique and tips, most insightful, yeah that combo wiffs on most people lol but it hits on Dhalsim always and that made me a bit toooooo reliant on the combo, as a pad player I only do buffer into electricity as the 5 instant input is kinda hard, that combo I do is just 5 button presses for EVERYTHING lol! will strive to improve more


first two matches I used Blanka. this match up is it hard for Blanka?


It’s hard to fight sim but it’s good matchup for blanka.

I recommend using u2 though because it enables you to downbck sim exceptionally hard.

also whats with the rainbow balls in neutral?


The rainbow balls is the sign of sodium overload, cracking under the sHP pressure, Had to call Gen from his restaurant to help save my dignity. lol
Thanks for the tip sir.


Chun can EX SBK U1 if you try use the ambiguous setup on her.

vs Sim you should use OS slide to catch teleports and backdash. OS hop also works well against teleport.

It’s much easier to punish Sim’s st.hp using far instead of crouch HP

Don’t be afraid to EX ball if him he does yoga fire. The trade is in your favour (120 vs 75; 12.6% vs 7.5%)

Ultra 2 shuts down his teleport game and if you have the reactions, his yoga fire game as well, but I’d save it for teleports and yoga sniper.


Wow, thanks alot, will surely be picking U2 vs sim from now on. I fear chun can ex SBK out of the U1 but I am just soo much in love with that setup that I was willing to risk it and I screamed BRAAUUUUU! to throw off my opponents reversal timing lol!
Thanks for the advice


Some more tips…

I think it’s a pretty tough match to near impossible when you really have no idea how to get in… But if you can get in sim is pretty screwed… And this is why most ppl think the match up is in blankas favor…

Here’s a few other pointers for this match that’s not mentioned here…

  1. At full screen length it’s basically guessing between his s.hp and his fireball
    A. If you know he’s gonna do fireball you can simply dash forward and slide under his fireball… The fireball recovers so slow it allows you to do that…
    B. If he’s shifting s.hp to prevent your dash you can try to and trip his limbs at full range

  2. If you’re far range sometimes doing isn’t a bad idea because it beats out a lot of his stretchy long range normals…

  3. Keep in mind if you have a chance to trade between hitting him with ball vs his s.hp…it’s generally worth doing if you have even or more life… So doing ex ball through fireball is worth it… Or doing lp ball full screen against his s.hp is worth it…

  4. Jab into electricity pressure is pretty important… Not sure what’s the best way to do this consistently on pad…

5 if you corner him on wake up and depending if he’s got super/ultra… You can make him block your ho electricity spam… I think you can make him block 4-5 ticks each doing something like 25-30 dmg forgot the exact number…



raw crLP electric is a bit hard for me :frowning:


This may not be new but I stumbled on this on my search for unblockables, its a very ambiguous jump Hk cross up setup on Ibuki.


Specific setup is new, but she’s always been oddly vulnerable to crossup from various setups.


Works also with j.HP



27mins in. Damn bb code tags.


insaynne not maximizing

on neutral jumps he needs to be sweeping not doing ball combos, he’s not punishing st.fierce on hit, on knockdowns he’s doing meaty electricity when makes seth’s dp whiff, he doesn’t know how to backdash seth dp either it seems. In a few situations he could have punished with throw in the corner and got a free unblockable, most notably at 32:25

Mike G isn’t going for the unblockable, I wonder why.


Whats the unblockable on seth?
And whats the seth’ unblockable setup on blanka?


seth unblockable on blanka,
spd, wall jump

blanka unblockable on seth

f.throw(or electricity no quickrise), hop/hp ball, whiff throw, Hop if point blank roll if a bit farther out and you aren’t sure if hop will crossup. can also ball for the meter gain point blank.
ultra/super, hop, whiff throw, wait 9~ frames,

f.throw, dash, hop, stepback 3f~, from backwards direction quickly) or f.throw, walk forward hop, stepback 3f~,
super/ultra, dash, hop, stepback, same as above but you have much more time


Crazy setup
Thx ves


Here is a new Nishikin vid

Haven’t seen the crumple x-over hop into AA U2 before (at end of video) - is that just Nishikin styling or does it have practical usage?


BTW - there are more Nishikin vids from that tourney on Karin’s YT channel.