Blanka Video Thread



Laker: If I remember correctly, and I could be very wrong, but Chun li is one of the characters that Blanka Ultra 2 will whiff after a crumple if done immediately after the FA. So this hop stuff allows the whole ultra to connect where previously it wouldnt.

Thats my immediate perception, havent tested ultra 2 vs chun li in about 2 years though.


Where’d u disappear to josh?


Nishikin’s gameplay appears to be more measured these days. He’s not doing so many risky things any more.

I like the whiff ball into far 3f move that beats a lot of things. I noticed twice he woke up with far I wonder what that’s about…


I received my phd in political science last saturday. So school pretty much dominated me. Next couple months sill be interesting. Hoping blanka gets a stupid broken buff for shits kicks and giggles.

Looks like forward dash improved by 1 frame. That means he is +1 after a level 2 fa?


Congratulations doc! Excellent news



also unbreaks b.throw stuff(j.hp should be consistent on cody again for instance) and breaks f.throw auto 4f safejumps(except now they are auto on cammy/sagat/blanka) and some other setups.

hop u2 stuff

(twins??? forgot)

you either can’t aa u2 after crumple or it has weird super specific timing so hop u2 is the way to go



Some Taku matches:


Like the FA vs airborne, dash, slide part.
Didnt know that works


I was very surprised he tried the 50/50 U1 against Chun since it doesn’t work against her.


Nishikin vs Stepkick-happy-Ken

Funny to see him buffering j.MK > st.LP xx HP Elec that way

I’ll gotta try this out in the lab


Nishikin blanka all kill. You can find more matches in that channel.


Mizoteru vs some random dhalsim best of 10.

Mizo doesnt play like me at all…never jab elec…like not even once in all the games…


torameshi isn’t just some random sim, he’s one of the best sims in japan, #2 in arcade BP for sim


nishikin vs same dhalsim.

Seeing as how both blankas are just doing random shit…im assuming the character must be dead in japan.


And to be more specific rather than snarky…too many jumpins from ranges where dhalsim should anti-air…but doesnt in this case…too many hop~ex up balls…which dhalsim does frequently punish with ultra 2.

My guess is that because of the damage disparities, the jumps and hops, even if they work 1/4 times, still have high dmg in blankas favor, so blanka just repeats until dhali is dead…but it just looks…terrible. However, both blankas have super solid combo execution, which again increases the damage disparity. Neither blanka tries to pressure a lot with electricity strings, which makes me sad.

Also, dhalsim seems to be missing on a lot of jump escapes with slide. frequently, nishikin would jump in, then jump again for a cross up, and the dhalsim would just stand there. A slide is an easy escape in that situation, and most dhalis I know have been trained (by me) to do so.

For some reason, I watched both these blanka~dhali videos…and I just had this gut wrench sloppy feeling (except for the mostly immaculate combo execution on both sides). combos are solid…strategy seems to be hope and pray dhalsim is stupid.

That this is the second best ranking dhalsim in japan…makes me think he doesnt have a lot of experience in the match…even though this 3 hours of footage must be about 30+ matches.

Of course, final caveat is that this is internet play…in japan. even the most perfect internet play must create some lag here and there, so certainly that could explain some of the execution/counters, especially for the dhalsim. But the million hop upballs from blanka just…makes me cringe.

Am I being too harsh? Anyone else care to psychoanalyze the mother/father relations of the blankas?




gotta love hp ball gimmicks and daigo losing to Blanka


Out of curiosity, is there any footage of Ultra Blanka being played anywhere?


Makoto (Shiro) V. Blanka (Nishkin)

Chun (Moto) V. Blanka (Nishkin)

Dan (Onigiri Sirasan) V. Blanka (Nishkin)


Only question that matters for usf4: Will crossup knockdown ball be the extra dmg advantage blanka needs, or one more risky gimic that is a stake in blankas heart. Nishikin tried it…didnt work, lolz