Blanka Video Thread



it’s an extra risky gimmick


So much c.MK into nothing in those videos, so depressing.

With c.MK, c.HK not consistent anymore, maybe CH c.MK s.LP xx FP Ball will more viable now that ball always knocks down? Just trying to look on the bright side of the shit rainbow.


if CH c.MK, c.HK doesn’t work consistently why do you think CH c.MK s.LP xx HP Ball is any better? considering s.LP have less range than c.HK.


ch, is probably the wave of the future.


Nishikin tried to link U1 after cr.MK twice against Shiro

The first time he messed the input and came with coward crouch and the second time he probably did it early and came out with nothing

Since the window is 1f larger, it would be better to do the link slower now


CH c.MK, c.MK xx FP Ball would always work if it connected when I tried it in Ultra mod. It would whiff on skinnier characters from further away but if you do it from the range you would hit with c.MK after blocked electricity it might always work?


nah definitely doesn’t always work from point blank blocked electricity range in actual ultra. it sucks


haha fuck me why am I even entertaining the idea of still playing this character?


USF4 Nishikin Video - Here are some interesting times to look out for:

0:35 - Attempt to use new airborne cl. mk to punish cr tech
0:48 - Shows new pushback on block of EX Headbutt
1:08 - New Honda Ultra 2, which is 1+0 (I could see most Hondas pick this as the standard over U1)
2:57 - Usage of Red FADC from Upball into cr. mk, cr. mk, HP ball - looks like decent damage


At the start of the 3rd round he used regular upball


Honestly IMO Honda with U2 is probably a better choice against blanka compare with U1 and I’m referring not only to usf4


Honda can always punishes blocked balls with U1, so I guess it’s a good choice


Nishikin usf4 still the best blanka out there


This video got quite a lot of good Blanka players USF4

check out 36:40, HP Ball over and over again lol


Tons of blanka here as well, about 6 matches, mizoteru is playing :O, and some guy called 我良 or something, its hard to pick his name from the super japanese stream resolution…


Mizoteru play badly.


Honestly nishikin > mizoteru for awhile now. I really question mizoteru choices sometimes


May not be new but will sure help some new players out


4:43 scryeders (Decapre) vs. NISHIKIN (Blanka)


Too bad this Decapre is total ass