Blanka Video Thread



1:46:30 Nishikin vs Magical Girl Zangitan x2



All 22 Colors. ALOHA!


Footage of USF4 Omega Mode with Blanka. Some cray stuff with a sort of ground teleport+ electricity, Electricity that juggles, Being able to jump and hit normals out of coward crouch like Kuma from Tekken, and being able to hit multiple rolling attacks (?) Sheer madness.




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Blanka omega mode combos


Omega Blanka combos into Anti-Air U2 confirmed:


Yo guys, can someone please tell me how to do omega blank as ex scoop attack from coward crouch and while standing…I can’t figure it out…


USF4 blanka new combos enjoy it


Another Blanka combo video


Elena just destroy Blanka. Nishikin get bodied by Sako.



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“The adventures of a Blanka player against people who can’t block”


Latest Crosscounter.TV episode with Gootecks, Mike Ross and Long Island Joe has a good 20mins of Blanka at the end.
He murders them 3:0 each. Cast Blanka. :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how “Pro players” don’t know some matchups/characters even after all this years…

I know Mike Ross isn’t much of theoric fighter and all, but at some point he asks if electricity is punishable on block… I mean, c’mon…


Mike also plays Blanka, which is the best part.


Please help me improve.


Video analysis against other bad players isn’t helpful. you both do random stuff, sometimes randomly either one of you gets hit.