Blanka Vs Balrog

i find this as a hard match-up for blanka >_< just asking what strategies do you guys do against this guy?

check in the matchup threat for alot of info

nah dont bother reading the matchup thread, all you need to know is beats all of rogs rush punches and pokes. just walk forward and hit him with your toes! If you need any other advice just create more threads i’ll help you out

this matchup has gotten closer as more blankas have started to figure things out. u can poke/throw all rog’s dash punches depending on range/timing. FA from blanka is great. Overall though crossups own him and just abuse that on his wakeup and turtle like a sob.

Thanks =D i never knew a beats balrogs rushes >.<

Yeah… And no balls up in his face! And loads of patience… I suck in this match up as well :frowning:

[media=youtube]ZKXoW-ApHNA"[/media] Pretty much electricity pressure owns Balrog. Balrog has to be at a certain distance to knock you out of it and it’s different from punch to punch. If you trade it’s usually in your favor not his. Balrogs can’t just mash out like some people think, he actually has to be pretty far away for that to hit cleanly. If you’re up in his face he’ll get zapped trying to do it. Mix in cross-ups on wake up if you’re confident with them. Electricity pressure alone should help you destroy scrub players who are just counter picking, relying on jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, headbutt to ultra to win.


Thanks im doing better vsing rogs now ^.^

wow, we finally found a use for That move beats out so much stuff it’s ridiculous.

take the lead with a basic M.Kick cross up to St.Jab to Elc…then sit back and everytime a rush punch comes at you slide if its ex blanka ball it he jumps then upball…and you will usually win if you do that…what i do…

Not sure,if this is the best way,but I always try to do short balls,so I can get in front of him,then electricity or grab and once he is on the ground I use cross ups.
I always repeat this pattern.Sometimes I use EX up ball to get in front of him to grab him.

idk if its just me but nobody falls for LP ball then grab or electricity…

I always test a Balrog quick to see what he will do. If he techs a lp ball into throw then I’ll try electricity next time. If he likes spamming jab then counter with s MP or slide.

By the way there is another thread about this specific matchup. It should be put into the newest matchup thread.