Blanka vs. Bison

I dont understand this match up at all. I hate the spammers of the corkscrew shit. I hate people who just spam the low kick. I had some *** do it the whole match i didnt know how to get out. Can someone give me some strategies?

Why not try a search in the Blanka thread?

I went ahead and searched ‘Bison’ in there for you. Since his Psycho Crusher pretty much keeps your Horizontal Ball at bay, there’s been plenty of discussion on him already.

When in doubt, check out what the top players do in the matchup:

(NOTE: the vids in these links are of Super Turbo and NOT Remix, however, the gameplay is VERY similar between the two versions and most of the tactics in these vids are effective in Remix)

  1. Pay attention to the general moves that the Blanka players are using (and at what range/position):
    In match #1, AFO uses a lot of random standing.Short (and some standing.Jab) to stuff medium distance attacks from Bison.
    In match #1, AFO uses jumping.Short attacks on a knocked down Bison (that does not have Super) to keep Bison locked down, and set-up a combo ( or bite and hopefully deal a massive amount of damage as they try to escape the lockdown.
    If you knock down a Bison with no Super, he is VERY vulnerable and you should almost always jump on him and have an attack in his face when he is getting up.

  2. Pay attention to how the Blanka players are delivering most their damage:

  3. Pay attention to how the opponent players are delivering most their damage:
    Seek to minimize the set-ups and situations that lead to the Bison being able to deliver their damage.
    If you are very careful with your attacks (only hitting buttons when you know they can’t be countered), you will be able to minimize your exposure to Bison’s attack damage. A Bison that cannot deliver more than block damage has a very difficult time in winning.

  4. Pay attention to the counter moves Blanka uses to damage certain attacks:
    In the first round of match #1, AFO uses a Bite to punish a deep Scissor Kick.
    In the second round of match #1, AFO uses a crouching.Fierce to punish a blocked Fierce.Torpedo.
    In the first round of match #1, AFO uses a vertical ball to punish a blocked Super.
    In the second round of match #1, AFO uses a jump.away.Short to counter a Bison headstomp.

  5. Pay attention to the distance that the Blanka players are trying to keep between them and their opponent:
    In the first match, AFO uses Blanka’s vertical ball and forwards/backwards dash to get to a medium distance from Bison just outside Bison’s kick range.

  6. Pay attention to attack set-ups:
    How is the Blanka player setting up their attacks?:
    1 - when they knock their opponent down
    2 - when their opponent does a move that they have an easy counter-attack for
    3 - when they get within a certain range/position of their opponent
    4 - by doing a confusing set-up like a non-hitting vertical ball or a dash
    5 - by mixing-up their attack set-ups with set-ups that they abort (into a block, electricity burst, etc.), luring the opponent into a whiffed counterattack that puts them in a bad position.

  7. Learn where your attacks and your opponent’s attacks are hitting. (especially the key ones like Blanka’s standing.Short)
    Blanka Remix Hit Boxes: [media=youtube]LHWQ0qWCsUQ[/media]
    Slow down game speed, go into Training mode, turn on hit boxes, and take a look at where your key attacks are hitting.
    Knowing your key attacks (and your opponent’s key attacks) intimately and precisely will help you use them confidently and with keen precision.
    This link lists the speed of each of attack in # of frames, including the frames that hit and those that are vulnerable:

Short = Light Kick
Forward = Medium Kick
Roundhouse = Heavy Kick
Jab = Light Punch
Strong = Medium Punch
Fierce = Heavy Punch

thanks so much for all the input thats a really awesome guide for a match up that has been haunting me

Great post by zaspacer. The only thing I’ll add is to abuse tick throw/crossup set ups on Bison since he has no DP.

Here’s a quick tip that might be helpful in that matchup. Do not jump at bison unless he’s knocked down. His x 3 beats your jump-ins clean and sets him up for an ambiguous jump in GGPO have a nice night combo. (I learned this the hard way from play De Maverick’s Bison.) You CAN reversal his jump in, but the timing is tough and if you screw it up you’re toast.

On knockdown, abuse j.Lk, s.Mp, walk forward bite. If he doesn’t have super this will cause him major trouble, and takes off nearly half his life.

After the bite, if you try another he can do the j.Mp x 3, but thankfully and well timed Rh upball will knock his ass back down, and you can go for your combo again. So anyway this isn’t a sure fire way to get another bite, but you can catch a lot of good Bison players jumping away with Mp right away out of habit. (This is especially true in the corner.)

Here’s another Bison tip while I’m thinking about it. Bison can pressure the living hell out of Blanka with walk forward It sounds ridiculous, but once Blanka is caught in this, he can’t reversal out of it. (The hitbox stuffs your reversal attemps, and its basically impossible to guess when the throw is coming.)

This is again just from my expercience playing against De Mavrick’s bison, but the best thing to do is hold back and double tap the Hp button, with a breif pause inbetween so you don’t activate Electricity. This method helps get get a reversal bite when he does finally go for the throw.

Again, this isn’t a sure fire way to win or anything, but you WILL run into Bison players who love to bring the pressure with this move.

Osprey, the technique you mention is the only counter Blanka has for the s. lk pressure > throw string. The double-tap HP method is actually very good. I don’t do the pauses though. I look at the light kicks and try to time my HP taps in sync with the lk and I do another HP tap in-between lk taps from Bison. Almost like playing an instrument. I get great results doing it that way.