Blanka vs Vega (claw)

So yesterday I was down at the arcade, playing my scrub K-cammy/blanka/sagat team, beating down on scrubs, getting mistaken for Bas, losing to some guy who did roll->super with sagat… all the normal things.

But then I receive beatings from A-Vega. And I’m like… ok Cammy is ok against Vega and Sagat might be too slow, but, wtf? Blanka? How on earth does Blanka lose to Vega?

Then I realised there were three things the vega did:

  1. superior poking
  2. cornering me and then using jump HP/HK
  3. RCed rolling rolls

So the first one I can deal with because I know I’ll get better at it with practice. But what does a non-raged Blanka do against the second thing? The two anti-airs I’m comfortable with don’t work so well - electrcitiy gets hit clean, and straigh up FP should work in theory, but I didn’t get it much at all because Vega has some air throw thing going on.

Say that you’re playing Blanka and getting rushed down by Vega, instead of the other way around. What does one do to get out of this undesirable situation?

I don’t want to rely on just Cammy as a Vega-killer. Although my Cammy got beaten too by Vega. That made me seriously consider never playing any fighting game again.

Vega owns Blanka.

you mean Ino, BAS plays mostly A-groove. Ino is notorious for his K-cammy/blanka/sagat. good call

K, u made me chuckle. But check it.

“3) RCed rolling rolls”… Are there rolls that don’t roll? heheh

And…“But what does a non-raged Blanka do against the second thing?”… Dude, you’re in K. Just defend. heheh. I just figured that you answered your own question with “a non-raged…” JDing gives you rage. Seriously. Just JD and watch his range in order to tech any throws. Use the hop more to adjust your range while in midscreen in order to avoid being pushed into the corner in the first place. Not just that, but use all of his moves and abilities to control where you are on the screen. Focusing on that will also help with the situation.


I believe he’s talking about the charge move with vega where he rolls and hits you with a claw after. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, guys! Since I use Vega too, I made a pointo f matching up my vega against other Blankas.

I think this is a pretty even match. So the reason he won was because 1) he was better than me. 2) see reason number 1.

That RCed rolling roller roll is pretty hard to JD. I learned chun li’s SBK and sagat’s tiger uppercut and sakura’s hurricane kick… I don’t want to learn how to JD more multi hit stuff!