Blanka wins a tourney!



I don’t know if this has been posted, but it looks like a Blanka won the God’s garden female tourney. I just saw some vids on youtube that went up. A lot of the girls are pretty good. The Blanka that won is Bla2. Here is one such vid:


You can find more on that same youtube channel. I was pretty impressed, as I was expecting newb-fighting, but they knew their spacing/zoning, FADC’s, etc :smile:


I really like her way of playing blanka ! It’s very strange as you can directly tell that girls are playing, the mind game is very different from boys !

edit: if you look at [media=youtube]_oOFVEVTsOQ&feature=video_response[/media], The zangief girls is quite sexy :slight_smile:


in b4 shitstorm of whiteknighting


They look like different people in those 2 vids. The second one also plays much worse than the first vid.


you’re right ! in fact its the zangief girl who is sexy, the blanka one is freak :slight_smile:

I don’t know why but they switched sides…

edit : but if you look here [media=youtube]By7R7RKUmxk[/media] you will see the bla1 girl take her seat in the background and she is the one with the skirt… I don’t understand anything…


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One is called bla1 and the other is called bla2. Maybe they just called them that on the stream cos they didnt know what their names were.


Edit: Bla2 is the good one. Bla1 kind of sucks =P