Blanka x Kuma intro

I just made a post about this on the blog part of my CAPCOM Unity page because I couldn’t find out where the best place to put a suggestion was:


So it was recently announced that Blanka will be a DLC character for Street Fighter X Tekken. So now my favorite characters from both games will be available for me to team up. So the team of Blanka/Kuma will be my main team once Blanka hits. Now I feel they should have a joint intro, I love naming my teams so for this team originally I was thinking something along the lines of Team Wild… something along those lines cause Team Wild sounded boring. Then I was thinking of how they were going to synergize and was thinking of Blanka rolling…and Kuma rolling and LIGHT BULB! My team’s new official name was now Team Barrel Roll! So for a joint intro when you pick Kuma and Blanka they should look at eachother confused and be holding signs one with two R buttons the other with two Zs. PLEASE CAPCOM make this happen it would be the BEST fan service ever!

Sorry, but it would be way too obscure. I wouldn’t have understood it if you hadn’t written this text for example. Rolling =/= Barrel Rolling.