Blanka's electricity unstoppable? Discuss

I’m exaggerating in the title a little, but it seems from conversations and matches that this might be one of the most frustrating moves to play against in cvs2 (especially the RC version). So what does one do against this move? Alpha counters are DPs (against non roll grooves) are pretty well known options. S-Groove can dodge-DP or dodge-super. Is there anything else other than to take a hit to escape its possible setup?

u mean for wakeups? or general?

Ucrollerblader here-
There are plenty of ask me threads and this question belongs in mine. Anyways, i’ll answer it here anyways. Block it, you take a little chip and guard bar damage and it pushes you back then you are out of range of it. problem solved

JD, RC any low hitting move, throw if they time it wrong, dp if they time it wrong…blocking is always viable, but it leaves you open to more knockdowns after recovery…and eating 6 hits of chip is GAY.

That’s all assuming it’s a wakeup situation…if it’s random meter building…walk up throw, wait and punish. Punishing RC elec is easy when you know it’s coming…and most times you can see it coming…just hard to do anything about it.

How do I punish mashed Electricity (after the invincibility runs out)? I tried low attacks from max range in training mode but it will trade randomly.

Not every low attack can punish electricity, and most low attacks can only punish cleanly at the right distance (if it’s too close, it’ll trade).

It’s a matter of going into training mode and finding that distance.

Most dp’s (if not all) should punish electricity cleanly. Supers are good for punishing electricity as well :slight_smile: