Blanka's new alt



what the fuck? most distracting POS ever.


Best costume ever? Yup.


If only it had flashing lights also… lol


Camp Rio carnival drag queen: excellent disguise for a rabid-fanged, planecrash surviving thug with freakish static-hair disorder imo.


Hellz yeah!


i think it’s distracting me! I think i play worse with it, although if it’s owning me it probably dominates my opponent lol!


i kinda like it but i wished capcom would’ve done a color 10 without the feathers. i don’t have it, so i dont care much :wink:


Very True, I know it messes me up


Haha i kinda expected the feathers to light up or sparkle when he did electric haha, i’m not finding even slightly distracting tho lol.


Blanka’s new costume is one of my favorites, but yes, it is very distracting. I can’t tell where he is at times. But man, it’s an amazing costume. His and Fei Long’s are my favorites. Max, I need to fight you Blanka.


Haha, you coming to ARK III? We can fight there.
My Blanka needs some work though. I am more of a footsie based Blanka that doesn’t really do combos. But yeah, I’ll be happy to play you.


Sweet! I’ll try to make it, for real. Oh, by the way, I just found out Zeeshan is on ps3. wtf does that abomination think he’s doing, bringing his stupidity to console? Dude needs to be trapped in a new dimension where life itself is turbo. idk. I hate that guy. so dumb. . . so so dumb…

But yeah, Blankas alt is fabulous. #10 is golden and crisp. Makes blanka look like a solid gold statue. Amazing.


Haha awesome. Gonna take some video footage of us too? Gotta put Arkansas on the map man!