Blanka's new worst matchup!

Is it me or is blanka’s new worst matchup fucking stupid Hakan, it seems like he was created to punish every single thing blanka does. I’m having alot of trouble beating hakan online, so obnoxious.

Jump at him. Jab electricity. Don’t ball unless he does an unsafe slide set up (which is every single one). Get into footsie range and beat every single poke. If he jumps, do what Blankas do best.

Hakan is a pretty easy matchup man…

The main thing with Hakan is that for half the match, he’s practically free air crossups. Then he mashes out Ultra II and you feel like such a stupid dumbass for falling for it, and resolve to pay better attention next time. Then the same thing happens again in the next round. It’s “Losing Your Virginity to a Drunk Fat Chick with a Yeast Infection” syndrome - sure, you’re no longer a virgin and/or won yourself some BP/PP, good job… but you feel so disgusted with yourself afterwards that you almost wish you hadn’t.

at the beginning, I was thinking that you are talking about Adon, dudley…



Lies! Blanka’s worst match-up is cammy! …or maybe that’s just the ONE persona I can’t beat :frowning:

new matchup can be dudley/cody/ibuki if they are same skill level due to fact of disabling rolls/chip damage with a punish after block/hit… but so far no problems online for me lol.

old matchup i personally have problems with good/turtle: dalsims, balrog boxers, mbison.


Guile and Abel also give me headaches.

blankas worst match ups online easily bison, cammy, guile, and hakan…sometimes dan =D…i think so

Cammy for sure. Other than that, i honestly don’t have much trouble with other characters unless the player is more skillful obviously.

bison give me a hard time…him and rog are a nightmare for me…sometimes reeeeeeeally good dudleys can be hard to beat

Balrog Cammy Guile for me…

for me Boxer,Dudley and Dictator are the evil 3 . I also struggle with good Dalhsims .need more practise on them as you dont see them that often

I dont think Hakan is too bad . he’ll punish your balls all day long but if has no U2 meter I think you can pressure him pretty easy

The new guile can be a bugger as well. that damm sonic boom recovery is so quick U2 on reaction is nearly impossible to me and even ex ball for a free hit is tight .

I don’t have any bad math-ups just annoying/boring ones Bison, Ryu, and Sim, sometimes Rog if they’re in epic turtle mode. I don’t have too much trouble beating them, I just find it insanely boring to fight against them.

They are obviously frustrating you if they turtle. which is a part of turtle strategy. That makes turtles a bad match up for you.
good day

They are obviously frustrating you if they turtle. which is a part of turtle strategy. That makes turtles a bad match up for you.
good day

Boring me does not mean frustrating me, frustrating me implies they’re doing something I can’t counter or punish, they are not. They are the ones losing the match not me, how is that a bad match up for me? I’m a bad match up for them if anything. There are no bad match ups for me. Some of y’all let these tier lists and what other people say get into your heads. You’ve already defeated yourself before you’ve stepped into the ring. OMG I’s gonna get raped, he’s using blah blah…

I never struggle vs Hakan,but recently I have some serious troubles in beating good Zangiefs as I stated once.
For instance Agent-Mahone’s Gief is almost unbeatable for me which means I am losing 80% of all these matches.