Blanka's ultra is broken online?

is it just me or is blanka’s ultra broken online?

now just to be clear I know the first hit can be blocked while crouching but the second must be standing.

lets not look at the second block part and pay attention to the first.

online I ALWAYS get hit by it. here is what happens. I am waiting next to a downed blanka, not in throw distance but still within short distance. allot of players ultra on wakeup. now just so long as I don’t throw out the short or what ever elese I should block the ultra right? that is the first hit can be blocked crouching so I will block it and then have to stand correct? I know this to be true because I have tested it in training.

yet guess what happens EVERY time when all I am doing is holding down away? you guessed it. it goes right into the hit animation bypassing my chance to block the second part of the combo because I was not given the chance.

so my theory here is that online there is a glitch where you must be holding standing block only to block his ultra.

has anyone else seen this? I have seen it enough and experimented enough to know it’s for real in my own experience but how about you?

I’m sorry, but you are mistaken. Block low, then high, then low. If you are holding down/back, prior to the “wake up ultra” you will block it.

The only things I can think of:

  1. You are transitioning to a standing block waaaay to early.
  2. Your controller is broken (which you would figure out real quick)

Like reversal DP, Ultra wake up is king online. Don’t bother trying to make any character’s wake up difficult when they have meter online.

Just find some players locally. Usually for me if it’s 4-5 bars it’s playable. It’s not offline play but you can’t spam SRK’s.

believe me I am all for the idea that I am doing something wrong because the idea that something is broken and needs a patch sucks but I can tell you I have experimented and everything you said is not it.

again I have tried holding down back as blanka get’s up right into his ultra and it goes directly to getting hit.

and if there was something wrong with my controller then it would be killing my game in many ways but it isn’t and I know it is not my controller because I have 3 and this happens with all of them.

now keep in mind I have the ps3 version. I don’t know if that matters but maybe it does.

try to think of it from my perspective. here I am getting hit by the stupid ultra. some times I know why because I tried to hit him with a lk as he got up or something but I am said “let me just get next to him as he get’s up and simply hold down back”. it goes right from the ultra start up right into the hit animation. VERY different from blocking the thing offline. distinct difference.

Shoot. I’m on XBL. Too bad 'cause we could experiment online. Just find anyone on the boards who would be willing to do these experiments with you on Playstation.

yeah most definitely. anyone here play blanka on ps3 so we could do some testing?

I have 3500 matches played as Blanka on XBL… i’m really not sure what you’re talking about here
i’m coming up with 2 things… either its a bug on the ps3 version that i’m not aware of… but you thing that it would work online and offline if that was the case, or is it possible that your standing so close to the blanka that you are getting crossed up by the starting animation of the ultra?? From what I understand the hit goes out quite a bit even though their is no visual indication. I could be totally full of shit here so don’t nail me if I’m too wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, I play scrub Blankas all the time that reversal ultra on PSN and I can block the ultra fine. I’m just usually too stubborn to eat the chip damage and try to reversal teleport or roll or whatever out of it and lose a round like a moron.

My guess is that you’re not actually blocking the low hit long enough. Also, you don’t have to block the grounded hits at the end low.

I play on PS3 and I have never, ever had this happen to me, and I’ve been blocking dumb wake up Blanka ultras for months.

There is no bug.


Close this thread.

The Ultra can Cross up if it’s input is executed a certain way.

So sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you block it if you’re blocking the wrong way.

Strange problem. I almost never get hit by blankas ultra. I’m more afraid of the chip damage than it actually hitting.

your blocking low too far back and eating an overhead.

Read the thread “Understanding Blanka’s Ultra.” It’s not broken. It can act as a crossup, which would force you to change the direction you’re blocking. Read that thread.

Blanka’s ultra is unblockable online. So just don’t play online.

I dont even know where to start with this one

my only problem with Blanka’s ultra…is one of the same I’ve got with Sagat’s ultra…I don’t care if you’re revenge meter is full…why does it do like 60%-70% if it hits…and why does Blanka’s chip for like a good 5%-10%…usually I can block them if they’re doing them randomly. Just hold down back when you’re next to a downed blanka.

confirmed. do not play online.

Casuals. Fullerton. Friday.

I know what you mean, I can’t block it either… it usually happens that all blanka players are like always with a 2 bar connection… I’m thinking that’s why is unblockable.

The animation of a waking up blanka goes from ultra and if you are crouching to block the ultra the first hit the graphic shows the character completely stand up, doing nothing at all.

it must be some sort of bug for 2 bars.

of course, here everyone is a blanka player so they will never accept there is something broken online with that ultra.