Blanks vs Lee

I need Fei vs DJ practice. That matchup is so lopsided. I need help. I need some 1st to 10 or 20s. My GT is “Da Knut Forever” on xbl.

Doesn’t really need its own thread but nevermind, it’s already been done.

Anyway, where are you from dude, no point playing with people half way around the world!

Edit: Just looked at your profile and found out lol

You are right. Location is important. I live in the U.S. ; Atlanta, GA. I doubt anyone is interested because who wants to fight an easy matchup… right?

ive already fought you several times in ranked matches, the last time I tried to join you booted me so I gave up on trying to get into a match but you can add me for sure. This matchup is tough for fei as well, maybe its just your aproach, add me and we can go over some stuff to help you out. I’m east coast as well.

If I booted you, then it’s probably because of connection or sometimes I get tired of playing the same person over and over and over. Especialy if it’s a common character like Ryu or Bison.

The matchup is too easy for Fei.

I play fei only, and it’s always been a grn conn when playing vs. you. This match up was hard for fei in super (5-6 DJ favor) and may have been pushed slightly in fei’s favor due to his sweep combo. But that being said send me an invite and we can go over some stuff that could help you. What is your biggest problem with fei?

I’ve played Da Knut’s Deejay…very good DeeJay and best one I’ve faced online. However I think Fei beats DeeJay quite easily…it also might be b/c I have pretty good knowledge of this matchup b/c my cousin uses DeeJay a lot. Once you get within LP Rekka range, it’s too hard for Dee Jay to react and effectively counter rekkas and CW with his normals. Fei’s CW and rekka pressure totally destroy DeeJay. Once you mix it up with overheads, it become’s a guessing game for Deejay to throw out random EX Jack knife kicks to get you off b/c Fei’s pokes will beat all his other attacks upclose…it’s either that or deal with the incoming barage of chip damage and overhead attacks. Once DeeJay get’s comfortable blocking, it’s time to use Tenshin to get dish out big damage.

Most of the DJ’s I’ve played basically play like guile, zone you out all day. I understand once you get to him you have the advantage, but getting in there is hard expecially when he has meter. I agree with everything you’ve said about once you get in there. Of course once he gets the knockdown we all know about that vortex stuff. Of course I’ve only played a handful of DJ’s that know how to play the game, Da Knut being one of them, so maybe you have a better handle of what to expect when fighting him then me.

The thing is DJ has pretty bad normals…most of them aren’t ideal for poking and usually leave him at negative frames so he’s not as hard to get in on as Guile. Just make sure you space your rekkas correctly and you should be fine. After a blocked Rekka, a CW is very useful as it will beat most of DeeJay’s counter pokes and puts you right on top of him. Or you play safe and poke w/ st. HP, cr. MK or cr. HP.

Remember, you can punish all his Sobat Kicks w/ cr. LP > Rekkas so once you’ve established that, it will make him twice about throwing out random Sobat kicks. Most DeeJays also love to backdash which I use CW to punish. It also crosses him up as well if he blocks low. When DeeJay is in the corner, you can do HK CW from about cr. MP range and it will automatically cross up Deejay which you can combo off of for big damage. Also remember DeeJay’s cross ups must be done deep to be safe so don’t be afraid to mash DP Flamekick…don’t show him any respect. Let him know you’re not afraid to mash, with or without meter. You want DeeJay to think twice about doing anything lol…once you’ve done this, it gives you A LOT more opportunity to get your offense going w/out retaliation.

Also I think I am the ONLY Fei Long player who uses cr. LP > LK/MK CW as a frame trap. If they try to mash buttons or jump away after the cr. LP, the CW will hit so it’s very effective to keep your opponent locked down. For example I’ll use cr. LK > cr. LP > LK CW as a block string lol and to apply pressure. From here, you can do another CW to punish backdashes or you can do flamekick FADC to beat any attempts of buttonmashing. You kinda have to get a feel for your opponent. Usually I’ll wait a split second before using those two options just to see how my opponent reacts…if my opponent is content to keep blocking, I keep applying pressure w/ cr. LK > cr. LP > LK CW. This is just something to annoy and deter your opponent from neutral jumping or jumping back…

I use this tactic on Yun players and so far it works wonders…it totally shuts down their dive kick game and now they gotta do psychic DP kicks to try and beat you which can easily be baited and punished. Even top ranking Yun players will kick me now b/c they can’t deal with my tactics.

hahaha nice! Stolen! lol BTW me and you need a rematch :stuck_out_tongue:

Fei beats DJ 7-3. He basically bullies the matchup. Low risk, high reward.

H1gg1n5, haha I hate the Fei mirror matchup lol…It’s probably the most boring match for me ugh which is why I’ve yet to take the time to really learn it. I get beat by other Fei’s all the time and to be honest, I don’t really care lol. My risky style is more suited to fight the other cast of characters…Fei punishes himself really well so it basically comes down to who makes the first mistake.

Da Knut, lol I wouldn’t say it’s that bad…for a time, I thought it was 7-3 in Dee Jay’s favor thanks to you but then I went into training mode and really thought hard about the matchup. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with your own strategy and turn it into DeeJay’s favor again. =)

It’s really that bad. I’ve been playing with DJ since day 1 and I’ve done extensive training on this matchup. I haven’t found a breakthrough. Fei does what he wants, when he wants. There is nothing safe for DJ. DJ must win by doing stupid random shit.

Added da knut to XBL so once I get home from vacation I’ll be getting some games in with him. We will hopefully be able to iron some of the matchup problems out with both of our games. Getting excited about actually playing this game more seriously again.

And no worries tsua, I was kind of joking because youve said before that you didn’t like the matchup. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m an akuma player, but can I get some fei-long matchup practice in too? Couldnt find a matchmaking thread here but I’m interested in learning the matchup.
XBL: averageHB

sure thing man, add me if you want

Anybody else? FT10?

I did this to this exact guy that made this thread. Ironic ehh. And he ragged at me in millions of messages. Lol

And what’s your reason for lying? That’s silly.

Ok Da Knut my wedding is over, we need to get some rematch action in asap